Hamilton @ Montréal

La prochaine partie devrait tout de même représenter un bon défi pour les Alouettes. Privés de Green et Sutton, possiblement de Glenn aussi, ils devront se frotter à une équipe qui entend bien venger l’affront qu’ils viennent de subir dans leur propre domicile.

Les Timinous ont de bons joueurs et de bons entraîneurs. Lors du premier match de la saison, ils ont démoli les Argonauts à Toronto en jouant du football inspiré, efficace et bien rodé. Masoli a montré qu’il peut jouer comme un général s’il est dans ses dispositions. Leur défensive est capable de bien contenir une attaque comme celle que Calvillo dirige, aussi la partie ne sera pas facile pour l’équipe locale.

Les Alouettes ont plusieurs enjeux à améliorer par rapport à leur dernière partie : la pression sur le quart, les blocages sur les retours de bottés, la protection des deuxièmes et long, la couverture de passe dans la tertiaire, le jeu au sol et, surtout, la discipline. Les Alouettes doivent cesser de concéder un ou deux terrains à l’adversaire à chaque partie. Je passe sous silence les difficultés de Bede sur les placements puisqu’ils me semblent davantage une aberration à l’heure actuelle.

Ce sera aussi l’occasion de voir ce que la relève est capable de faire. Cunningham et Jones/Louks ont une occasion en or de se rendre utiles ou, espérons-le, indispensables. C’est l’occasion pour eux de forcer les entraîneurs à penser à eux pour les parties à venir. Je ne sais pas si les Alouettes vont muter Giguère au centre pour laisser les jeunes patrouiller les zones éloignées, mais si on se souvient comment Giguère avait remplacé Fantuz à Hamilton, ce serait peut-être quelque chose à tenter.

Je vois deux scénarios plus probables pour cette partie : les Alouettes gagnent un match serré ou se font laver par les Timinous.

Jim Popp says whether Kevin Glenn plays or not could be a game time decision. He further says that it will be the medical staff who decides if Duron Carter is able to play against Hamilton.

I don't want Giguere at slot. He has no ability to make contested catches in traffic with any consistency. Keep him at field WR, throw a few balls his way to keep defenses honest, but otherwise focus on getting the ball to Lewis, Carter, Cunningham, Louks, and Jones.

Glenn a une enflure à l'œil gauche. Son cas devient plus douteux pour vendredi, surtout s'il ne peut pratiquer demain.

Devant une équipe qui joue avec son quart #2, s'il fallait donner une pause à Glenn pour qu'il guérisse bien, ce serait une bonne occasion.

If Glenn can't go on Friday, it's a golden opportunity for Cato. I really hope they've worked on blitz pickup this week. Steinauer is no fool; he will likely send intense pressure if Cato starts, hoping to rattle the young QB early and disrupt his rhythm. I also hope Matte has improved his stunt recognition; he needs to make the right protection calls for the line so we don't have guys coming free at the QB, especially through the A and B gaps. Nothing more ruinous to a play's chance of success than unblocked defenders shooting those gaps. If you're going to let someone come free, make sure they come off the edge, where they don't take away the QB's sight lane.

A secondary consideration for pass protection is Rutley drawing in for Sutton. I don't have a keen sense of Rutley's ability as a blocker -- is he any good? Sutton is excellent at crossing the formation quickly for blitz pickup. Hopefully Rutley can pick up the slack there.

Why not use Rutley and McDaniel together to shore up blocking and to provide more running play options? Rutley and Sutton were effective last game, as opposed to single back sets for which Ottawa was able to stop second and short. This may also allow for short dump passes which are actually running plays, and which will help Cato in his first 2016 start.

If Cato can manage this game and keep it close, we may have our new starting QB.

Are any Hamilton fans coming to Montreal for the game? If so, Johnny knows a guy who can make you sandwiches.


“[Glenn] has an excellent chance of playing. We just have to make sure [his eyes] are clear before playing?, says head coach Jim Popp. Even though Popp says he will be a game-time decision, he expects him to play.

[url=http://lastwordonsports.com/2016/07/12/alouettes-injuries-carter-glenn-still/]http://lastwordonsports.com/2016/07/12/ ... enn-still/[/url]

From Herb Zurkowsky:

“He (Kevin Glenn) has an excellent chance of playing. It’s just a matter of how much practice time he gets in. The more you miss, the more it puts it in jeopardy,? general manager and head coach Jim Popp claimed. “He can play with what he has. His eye’s a little blurry, still. We have to make sure it’s clear before we put him out there.?

Also mentioned in the article is that Boris Bede is expected to explore NFL options after this year.

[url=http://montrealgazette.com/sports/football/cfl/montreal-alouettes/alouettes-boris-bede-says-no-worries-about-missing-three-of-six-field-goals]http://montrealgazette.com/sports/footb ... ield-goals[/url]

Boris Bede should concentrate on his play for the 2016 CFL season. If he does not improve, he may be free to test the NFL sooner than he thinks.


After 2 games, Als are the most penalized team in the league and have the lowest power ranking. These stats don't go well together: having rare first downs called back is a recipe for stalled drives and losses. We have enough problems with injuries, an NFL bound kicker who is struggling with converts and a starting QB who has not taken a single rep in 2 weeks.

Popp needs to be a coach and instill some discipline.

Glenn's missed three of four practices and Popp thinks he can play on Friday? That had better be gamesmanship and not what he really thinks.

La Presse is saying an Als source confirmed Cato would start Friday:

[url=http://www.lapresse.ca/sports/football/201607/13/01-5000568-alouettes-un-premier-depart-pour-rakeem-cato.php]http://www.lapresse.ca/sports/football/ ... m-cato.php[/url]

Popp and an 'internal source' are once again sending different messages. The lines of communication could use some cleaning up.

This is why I cannot stand the football media in Montreal. HOW does this help our team? You want to support the team, don't post crap like this from unnamed sources. Why not let Popp continue to engage in some gamesmanship with Hamilton? Why take away Hamilton's uncertainty about who's starting? I know it's not much and it probably won't affect anything, but the pettiness and stupidity of "breaking" stories like this is mind-boggling.

One decent item in that article at the bottom: Sutton's injury might not be as serious as first thought, and there's a possibility he could return earlier than expected.

I don't think the media is there to "support the team" as you put it. It is to report the facts as they know them. If Cato is going to start they should report it.

It is more about the Als being seemingly unable to speak with one voice. This is a leaky ship with respect to information.

A sports reporter’s job is to be critical when appropriate and supportive when appropriate. Anything less is bad journalism. Some unnamed source leaking this claim is not “the facts.” Check out most other CFL sports beat. This stuff would never happen. The beat reporter would ask the head coach, report the answers, and offer his own informed commentary on a matter of public record. He would never go looking for some disgruntled anonymous source to out the team on an on-field matter that would itself be known anyway in a few days.

It is more about the Als being seemingly unable to speak with one voice. This is a leaky ship with respect to information.
Jim can't control anonymous sources and shouldn't be expected to.

If they knew the game just a little it would be easier to stomach. That's why Don Matthews didn't talk to Montreal press or a a little as he could.

They're almost all just a bunch of lazy, venomous, know-nothing hacks. Won't get off their fat a$$es to learn a bit about the game they supposedly cover, but when it comes to digging up nonexistent dirt on the team using anonymous sources, they can't act fast enough. :roll: :thdn: