Hamilton @ Montréal

This team sucks, oh ya we have a new quarterback to blame this on.

@MTLAlouettes: Vous êtes 23 058 à braver le froid aujourd'hui ! MERCI !

People really have nothing better to do?

Kevin Glenn shows up!! Ill never forget that interception he threw 2 years ago to Jerald Brown and we won the game.

Lack of discipline
Simplistic schemes

= A bad football team.

The offense is even worse since Schonert was fired. That's saying a lot.

Can someone in MTL find Nik Lewis a pair of pants that fit ? thank you.

This blind Alouettes fan once again trying to tell me the future is Kevin Glenn, that our defence has a great future and i have no idea what im talking about. Im trying to be like his alcoholic anonymous sponsor trying to get him to stop giving money to the Alouettes and claims the ambiance and tailgates are great. Well i tried....

I can tell you one thing. Many of those in the stands today did not pay for tickets. All these amateur teams and the likes were there on freebies.

My boy works at the General and is offered free tickets every week, he simply says no thanks. Actually we went to 1 game this year. It was Catos first start. I didnt spend one cent on anything. Free!!!!

Did not watch the game. 11 points in 4 quarters, good thing we have Kevin Glenn... NOT :thdn:

Yep, didn't think it could get worse but it's worse. Fire them all as soon as the season's over.

Normal pour quelqu'un que les Alouettes n'intéressent plus.

Des asti de billets a 110$. C qui la cave qui payerais pour ca?

J'ai payé à peine 300$ pour 9 billets. Traitez moi de cave si ça fait du bien à votre ego, pour ma part, je m'intéresse toujours aux Alouettes. Si vous voulez un jour revoir une équipe championne sur le terrain à coups de 0$, vous aurez probablement aucune équipe de football à encourager pour le même prix. Mais de toute façon, j'ai compris de vos interventions que les Alouettes ne vous intéressent plus.

Vous avez beaucoup donné dans les bonnes années de Calvillo, et nous vous devons gratitude ne serait-ce que pour ça. Il demeure tout de même paradoxal que cette équipe pour qui vous dites vous-même n'avoir plus d'intérêt est celle que vous semblez suivre à chaque semaine. :?

I can tell you that 1500 of the fans had tickets at 50% of face value.
There were also a contingent of Armed Forces personnel in the Upper Deck of the south side. Highly unlikely they paid full price if anything at all.

Il n est plus la seule.
Les Carabins de l Universite de Montreal, ou bien les autres equipes universite, ont une meuilleur produit de football que les Alouettes.
Les billets cout moins aussi.

Vraiment? Le SIC a un meilleur calibre de football que la LCF? :? Les joueurs des Carabins sont meilleurs que ceux des Alouettes?

Je crois surtout qu'ils ont plus de chances de gagner leurs parties dans la division où ils évoluent. Une des difficultés des Alouettes a toujours été les "fair weather fans", qui cessent de les appuyer dès qu'il faut redresser l'équipe.

This is probably piling on the team, but I saw something yesterday I don`t think I ever saw in all my years of watching football - a delay of game penalty on a kickoff. :roll:

Je n ai pas dit les equips LCF. J ai dit les Alouettes.
Presentment, je payerai pour un match universite au lieu des Alouettes :wink:

Im going to stop talking to u in french because obviously its not good enough for u and u always seem to think that we are attacking u. I did not call u stupid i just stated that the tickets that are being offered to me are retail 110$ and which idiot pays that much to watch a football game. Thats it. Dont worry about my ego, its fine sitting its ass on the couch having a little chuckle as the game goes on.

He is talking about entertainment value per dollar. You pay 10 to 15 bucks for a CIS game in a college stadium vs 85 to 112 for an Alouette team that averages around 10 points per game on offense in the same college stadium. We wont even get into the parking and refreshment prices.