Hamilton @ Montréal

Dans l'état actuel des choses, la seule véritable question pour cette partie est par combien de points les Timinous vont gagner.

Les Timinous ont une attaque capable de marquer des points et une défensive amplement capable d'empêcher la pas d'attaque des Alouettes de le faire. Nous saurons demain matin quel quart sera envoyé à l'abattoir cette semaine.

This is a winnable game.

At Home
Against a team they've beaten twice, so they should be confident.
Against a raw rookie QB.
Cats missing their two deep threats in Grant and Tolliver.

Sure the Cats have to be favored but this game is by no means decided.

Herb saying Mitchell White practicing with the starters, quick healer I guess.

Glenn will likely have some bad moments like a pick or two. You just have to hope that there will be more (or at least some) positive plays.

That is great news! Wow, did not think he would be back any time soon. We've missed him terribly at field corner.

Lavarias is also back on the field and could be activated for Sunday's game as per Herb.

Les Roughriders n'ont pas réussi à marquer avec Kevin Glenn aux commandes la semaine dernière, aussi on ne doit pas s'attendre à grand chose cette fin de semaine contre les mêmes Timinous. Ceci pour dire que la défensive et les unités spéciales devront gagner la partie encore une fois.

Not sure if you watched the game but the Riders oline was brutal and Glenn had no time. Also the Ticats were at home playing the worst defense in the league. Matthews isn't going to look as good this weekend and Glenn will not look as bad, he will have better protection, how much better we don't know but better than he got last week that's for sure.

You can't look at stats line, they seldom tell the story, they point you in a direction but you have to look at the game to see what is going on.

I expect a close and physical game against Hamilton.

Apparently, LB Nick Temple from Cincinnati has signed.

We’re making quite the jump this time around all the way up to #43. That’s what happens when you return essentially every Nick Temple was a part of a pretty impressive haul from Butch Jones in which he signed five players from the same school over a two year period. Temple kicked that off with his Warren Central teammates Deionte Buckley, Deyshawn Bond, Josh Posley, and Jonathan Burt following suit. That sort of embodies what Cincinnati’s linebacker has been to this program in three years starting.

Ever overlooked for being smaller than others, not unlike UC in basically every competition with any other school ever, Temple proved that size doesn’t matter. While he is listed at 5’10? on a good day, he could lay the wood like any defender on the field.

Over the course of his time as a Bearcat, Temple compiled 281 tackles, 32 tackles for loss, and 11 sacks. His 13.5 TFLs as a junior led all UC players, including Cincinnati’s defensive linemen Silverberry Mouhon and Brad Harrah. This past season Temple again led all Bearcat linebackers in tackles for loss, proving his agility and ability to slash through blockers to stand up the ball carrier before he got to the line.

It’s rather ironic how Temple was overshadowed by larger defenders such as Greg Blair and Jeff Luc. I mean, they had a couple of inches and 30 lbs on him. So, yes, Temple was literally look up at Blair and Luc most of the time.

But #43 was a wrecking ball on the battlefield. Temple used every bit of his 224 lbs frame to throw knockout blow after knockout blow at the ball carrier, no matter his size disadvantage. That “I could care less how much smaller I am than you? mentality allowed him to put up the impressive stats above. It’s hard to look at those numbers and not see how invaluable he was to this defense.

In the midst of this offseason, I’m sure the coaches are peering at that vacant outside linebacker line at the top of the depth chart and scratching their heads as they attempt to fill that hole. It’s difficult to find a player like Nick Temple who checks most every box when it comes to the ideal linebacker. Finding that right mix among his replacements won’t be easy and I don’t think we’ll fully understand how much he meant to this team until game one on September 5th.

Merci de ces précisions. Je n'avais effectivement pas vu la partie. Il demeure que les Alouettes ont une meilleure équipe avec Glenn au poste de quart-arrière. Ça fait ça de gagné.

I wouldn't hold my breath. Our offensive line has been getting worse and worse as the season's gone on, whether due to general protection issues (Sweet), poor individual performance (LBJ big culprit here), playcalling (AC/Dinwiddie), or some combination thereof. Facing a ferocious front seven like Hamilton, I honestly would not be surprised to see Glenn get injured in very short order.

Selon le site de la LCF :

October 15

MTL DEL INT James RODGERS (WR) Oregon State
MTL TRF TO INJURED INT Rakeem CATO (QB) Marshall - to Nov-28^^ (Nov-16)

NON-ACTIVE 15-Oct-15


Probablement que White sera en uniforme.

Question comme ça : qui est le remplaçant de Bédard comme spécialiste des longues remises, maintenant que Zaleski est à Toronto?

Thats a good question. Last year at practice I saw Brikowski with Bedard and Zaleski, but Brikowski of course doesnt always dress. Not much motivation to go to a practice these days, would probably get hit in the head by an errant pass.

Relegating Cato to the 6-week injured list for a concussion seems to be overkill unless his "upper body injury" extends beyond his head. Concussions are usually a week to week determination. This could be the first push out the door as was the case with Troy Smith.

No surprise to me, and it is exactly what I would have done. We risk ruining Cato if we continue to play him in this dreadful offensive scheme. Far better as I have said elsewhere to sit him down for the balance of the season and get a re-set next season with a full training camp with (hopefully) a competent coaching staff and an offensive scheme in which he can succeed, neither of which we have now.

Un de mes amis a parlé avec Cato après la dernière partie, et il était mal en point. Il a probablement une solide commotion et ceci n'est pas pris aussi à la légère dans la LCF que dans la NFL. La décision de le placer sur la liste des blessés pour 6 semaines a été prise après son examen médical, aussi je ne crois pas qu'il représentait un cas à évaluer de semaine en semaine.

Je crois que les Alouettes vont peut-être garder Cato, bien que le renvoi de Shuler pourrait signifier le contraire. Cato demeure un jeune quart talentueux, et il pourrait mieux progresser avec un mentor comme Glenn à ses côtés. Mais il faut réaliser que les deux plaqués qui ont blessé Cato n'étaient pas violents. On peut donc légitimement se demander si Cato a le gabarit pour jouer chez les pros. Ou peut-être qu'il va falloir lui laisser la marge de manoeuvre pour se déplacer comme il l'entend plutôt que de l'enfermer dans une pochette de protection. Cato a des attributs différents de ceux de Calvillo, Ray ou Glenn. S'il évolue dans un système où il peut avoir plus d'initiative pour ne pas être une cible fixe, peut-être qu'il pourrait être assez efficace pour éviter les collisions. Une chose est certaine, il ne pourra avoir du succès dans un système qui le maintient dans une pochette de protection. Il n'est pas moulé pour ça.

Matthews was firing on all cylinders, reflecting both his talent and the coaching ability of the Ticats. If the Als D cannot pressure him, this game will be a blowout.

You didn't think the Miles tackle was violent ??? His helment hit the turf so hard it bounced off the ground.

You didn't think the Miles tackle was violent ??? His helment hit the turf so hard it bounced off the ground.
[i]Good point Hfx! Yes, that was a hard hit. Just like the one against Hamilton where he was knocked out. On both plays the defender had a clear path. If a defender has the time to build up his speed and run through without being touched, of course he will maul the QB!

The Als have had problems all season with that kind of pressure; the delayed blitz. One defender waits till all of the Als blockers commit to a player or gap. Then, he rushes in untouched and mauls the QB. This is on the offensive line and their coach.

As for a concussion, whether a player is a solid 260 pounds of muscle, or a smaller guy like Cato, the head is the same. You can't add 20 pounds of muscle to your head...[/i]