Hamilton @ Montreal

Let's go, Cats! :thup: Under 30 minutes.

Nope, over 30 minutes and the start time is 7:30 P.M. :cowboy: GO Tiger Cats GO! :thup:

Dammit. I got them mixed up with the Eskimos. The Eskimos play tomorrow at 7. At least we got a pre-game. :thup:

Is Milt clothes shopping with Don Cherry?

I love that the game starts with a flag. :lol:

"Anybody here seen the fuzzy wuzzy loving cup explosion?" - 1-0 Montreal

Wow. Stamps finally makes a great catch.

Big Freddy Stamps catches a big one from Cato

Two weak drops in the first 8 minutes.

Sooooo many flags. :thdn:

There's another one

There has been a flag every other play. :thdn:

10 flags in the first quarter. I don't know who suggested it, but we need a longer pre-season. All these procedures and offsides and holdings etc., they need to be gotten rid of. Two games is not enough to get guys ready.

I heard someone say that the "working hours" during training camps have gone down. Perhaps that is the culprit.

The only problem with that reasoning is, by now, they should be good. They're not. I'd say they need more practice time.

Collaros needs to start putting a little more zip on those wide side throws.

Most of the penalties are stupid...

  1. Offensive procedure - you know the snap count.
  2. Interference - After 5 yards, do NOT touch the bloody receiver.
  3. Face mask - obvious;
  4. Horse collar tackle - obvious.

It's not rocket science. Tonight's game is horrible.

Whether it is training camp hours going down or not having enough pre-season games, something needs to change. This game is quickly becoming unwatchable.

Yup. I watching it with someone who is not a fan and they are complaining and saying they want to watch Big Brother at 9. I may have to give in and watch the rest at 10.

Big Brother. Shudders My sympathy, :lol: