Hamilton @ Montréal

Les Timinous s'enviennent, forts de 2 victoires consécutives contre les Argonauts.

C'est une équipe qui n'a pas cessé de progresser depuis le début de la saison, même si ces progrès ne leur ont pas toujours permis d'aligner les victoires. Leur fiche est à l'image de leur saison, tout comme leur fiche de 4-2 lors des 6 dernières parties est à l'image de leur fin de saison.

Après la dégelée de lundi, il est à souhaiter que les Alouettes trouvent enfin une constance qui leur fait cruellement défaut depuis le début de la saison. Mais face à un adversaire qui a encore une option sur le premier rang de la division Est, la tâche ne sera pas facile.

Verra-t-on le premier départ de Troy Smith dans la LCF? Est-ce que nous verrons encore Good Hank ou Bad Hank?

Toutes les parties sont cruciales, mais celle-ci est une vraie chance de clore le sort des Alouettes en éliminatoires. Une occasion a été ratée lundi, ce serait malheureux d'en rater une autre. Mais dans l'état actuel des choses, ça prend pas la tête à Papineau pour réaliser que les Alouettes sont les négligés.

Their offense has progressed a lot with the addition of Elligston, Tasker and Gable but their defense is inconsistent. Would be nice to at least get a split so the team knows it can beat them before we meet them in the playoff.

Jim Barker just pipped in that he considers the Ticats their competition...Talk about rubbing it in :cowboy:

Malheureusement, il n’a pas tort.

He’s right, but really, it’s hard to give him too much credit. All he did was rob other teams blind with shoddy business practice (getting Jones out of Calgary) while benefiting from Eric Tillman’s colossal stupidity (the Ray trade).

The Argos, in the grand tradition of Toronto sports franchises, succeed not by building themselves, but by taking what other teams have, after the fact. Ray and Owens came in trades. They poached Jones illegally from Calgary. Milanovich and Brady came from Montreal. Their O-line is composed of free-agent signings. Barker himself got his start in the CFL in (you guessed it) Montreal.

So yeah, Barker’s right. At the top of the division, it’s the Cats and the Argos right now, not the Alouettes. But there’s really no legit reason for him to gloat…

He loves sticking it to his ex employers. Bet you Calgary and Montreal regret hiring the guy… Having said that Calgary didn’t miss a beat when Jones left. They’ve improved. We can’t say the same :? This off season will be the most critical to the team since the’ve rejoined the league.

Ain’t that the truth. Rick Campbell’s stock has risen dramatically.

Bulletin! Bulletin! Bulletin!

As per Didier, Smith is taking first team reps with the starters.

While a part of me feels for Neiswander, I am really anxious to see what Smith can do.

Looks like they’ve made one decision. Now who replaces Deslauriers, Messam and London ?

Bon. Il semble que les entraîneurs aient fait leur nid.

Nous verrons comment il s’en sortira.

J’espère qu’il pourra donner une âme à cette attaque et qu’il ne forcera pas le jeu inutilement.

Should be interesting for receivers. Going from “Beachballs” to “baseballs” … They better be practicing catching the ball with their hands…

It also looks like Sutton is taking first reps at running back. Why not move Bruce to London’s spot and put Carrier inside ? Deslauriers and Pippin well we have nobody to make them accountable.

Its interesting to note that our new QBs are using Deslauriers more that AC did and, Deslauriers is now making some catches and making pick up of fumbles. Marsh and Neiswander are using more plays to him some of which have resulted in good offensive gains.

Well maybe now those sideline throws will arrive in under 10 seconds. :wink:

One of the most frustrating aspects of last week's loss was watching Berry call for Neiswander to throw the ball to the field-side sideline play after play. You know this kid doesn't have the arm to do that, so why are you putting him in a position to fail? Target the middle of the field FFS.

I don't know why,but some have "une dent contre Deslauriers",in fact they seem to hate him. Let's blame him for the Als bad season,after all he is their fifth receiver; should have gained over 1,000 yards so far.

I do hope that he is drafted by/traded to Ottawa in the off-season.


I applaud the Als/Jim Popp decision to start Troy Smith at QB and Sutton at RB.


An interesting background story on Mardy Gilyard who I would like to see replace Carrier at returner:

[url=http://usatoday30.usatoday.com/sports/football/nfl/rams/2010-05-10-mardy-gilyard_N.htm]http://usatoday30.usatoday.com/sports/f ... yard_N.htm[/url]

Seems like a great guy and willing to throw himself at bodies to help his teammates. Unfortunately he drops more balls than he catches…

Listening to Jim Popp`s media scrum today and his seemingly new found sense of urgency, I could swear there is some Don Matthews influence that has rubbed off. Popp says we will be seeing new faces until the end of the year, trying to find the right formula.

And listening to Troy Smith one only hopes he`s as smooth on the field as he is handling the media.

Absolutely. Don was never afraid to replace players who did not do their job and he never coached with fear. Don is a “Marine” veteran … Where you take that hill or die trying and he was able to communicate that to his players. Deslauriers would have never lasted six years under Don and if he did Don would have found a way to get that fear of dropping the ball out of him. So I would not be surprised if he told Jim “Take that hill and don’t stop till you take it”.