Hamilton @ Montreal

Burris picked off....two plays later - FG Als close the gap 13-11 Hamilton

Did Cuthbert say the Tiger-Cats went into a double tight end formation? It feels like Black kidnapped Cuthbert, dressed up as him, and is now trying to sabotage him. :lol:

I heard that too.

phantom face-mask call in favor of the als. makes me puke.
getting real sick of these CFL refs deciding games.

Glad I'm not the only one. :lol: Not Cuthbert's best game.

Als score a TD and take the lead. Booo! :thdn:

:thdn: :lol:

Cats reclaim the lead with a FG. Gonna be a back-and-forth game. :thup:

Wow. I thought that was gonna be picked. Nice grab by Fantuz.

I'm guessing he was shooting the Alouettes? I hope he didn't spend all week coming up with that.

Leads to the major score... 26-18 Ti-Cats
Montreal: It's time to get down...ect. getting late for time.

Alouettes come back to within 1. Come on, D, we need a stop! Or first, come on, special teams, try not to let Hamilton start every effing drive at the 50-yard line. :thdn:

Discipline, good call, as it appears that the Al's will play defence in the 4th quarter for once now.

Why would Cortez not challenge the SJ Green trap-catch?

Wow anyone feel that tremor in Montreal?

someone needs to explain to coach cortez what that yellow flag in his pocket is for. :thdn:

Wow Montreal sure know drama. They really know how to turn it on and turn if off as far as performance. I don’t get it. :roll:

He uses it primarily as a handkerchief.

S.J. Green sets the stage - inconclusive for no challenge? ...none the less [FG Als and now lead 28-26

Big sack Montreal on Burris - Congi puts it through....29-28 Cats.
Montreal and the last grasp is coming up

Great finish by both teams - 31-29 Montreal final..FG