Hamilton @ Montreal

Montreal plays its first home game. I'm sure the players are happy about that.

They were saying Thigpen has 3 special teams TDs already. That's insane! Sounds like he's determined to make Devin Hester look like a chump. :lol:

he has 2 special teams TDs and one receiving TD.

Oh. Cuthbert must've misspoke then.

Some terrible coverage on that kick. Glad to see the Cats tighten up in the redzone. I picked Montreal, but I wouldn't be upset if the Cats pull off the upset.

How is Montreal getting so many off-side calls? Merciful... :lol:

teams from ontario cant seem to get the major when down on the goalline.... :roll:

I think Suitor’s been out of school for a while… “That’s just over 10 carries a game, 13 carries a game, 12 carries a game.” :lol:

It seems like a lot of teams have having trouble in the redzone, though I didn’t like that QB sneak. It was a full yard, and they had Trafalis in. Hmm, what’s Hamilton gonna try? :lol: Too easy.

Cripes! I sure hope Hamilton didn't give DeAngelis a big contract... :roll:

At least it was an improvement on his previous misses if that's any consolation. It wasn't a super bad shank to the left or right. Hamilton looks pretty decent early on, they need to score from the 1 though, that's twice now this season.

Also really like what they've done with the stadium, that upper deck looks real good.

chief, i invite you to join the conversation over on the ticats forum...lol

They got a topic going there? I'll take a peak.

Anyone know if Setta is still free? Hamilton might want to consider giving him a call. :lol:

Looks like Ricky Santos attended the Stephen Jyles School of Quarterback Sneaking...

medlock is available.

who is montreal's number 2 QB? Leak?
im interested to see Leak in action.

Sacre Bleu! AC has a booboo.

Such compassion. :lol:

He'll be fine. It's not like he can be less mobile...

Hamilton may as well just gamble in the red zone. They need a time machine to get into FG range.

I hope everyone was watching. DeAngelis actually made a FG.

The field is 65 yards wide and DeAngelis missed THAT!

So I guess touchdowns are optional this season...

Well a slow moving game like this definitely favours Hamilton, if we can keep within striking distance this game can be had!!