Hamilton @ Montreal - Sept. 7 - What to do?

Hey all,

Does anyone know if the Tiger Cats are doing some kind of road trip to Montreal for the game next week?
If not where do ticat fans usually party before/after the game and where do they sit? Me and my bro are looking at making the ride down for the game but want to be with other cats fans!!

Any suggestions?

Been to a few games there I went to one year on a cats train The other i decided to drive there and rent a hotel and see some of the nice sites that Montreal has but for Tickets it seemed that we were anywhere you could get a ticket so us ticat fans were scattered if the ticats do anything they might use a section for the amount of tickets they have but i have not heard of anything going on up to this date

I haven't heard anything either on the road trip front. If that changes, I'll make sure to alert folks by PM.

Oski Wee Wee,