Hamilton- Montreal I

Well, might as well get this thread going even if it's a bit early.

I don't know what to expect this Saturday (I sure hope I can stop saying that at some point this season when things start to gell!). Burke is on the limp and Jerald Brown is also banged up. On the positive side, it is expected that Bowman will start and Anderson is expected to return soon. I am leary, though, about Brown and Anderson; this is the second consecutive season that they have been banged up.

The O-line hasn't had the success of seasons past. Last game, I believe AC was sacked four times and took a beating in the process. The D, while having improved, is still a work in progress but helped steal our last game against the Stamps.

I don't know whether the Argos and the Ticats will have breakout seasons or not. They have better QBs at the helm and in the case of the Ticats, they have a great core of receivers and a potential game-breaker in Chevon Walker. Our ground game has, literally, yet to get off the ground.

So, apart from the passing game, there are several areas requiring improvement if the Als are to make a serious run at another GC. We are 2-1 and I hope by about 10:30 Saturday evening we will be 3-1.

Go Als go!

Je ne m'attends pas à une grosse partie de la part des Alouettes.

Il n'y a plus sur cette équipe un gars comme Seagraves qui peut remplacer avec une relative efficacité n'importe qui sur la ligne de mêlée. Bourke est le bouclier de Calvillo, et l'équipe s'est toujours mal tirée d'affaires en son absence, sauf quand Seagraves était de l'alignement. Est-ce que les Alouettes vont encore tenter de permuter Perrett? Ce n'est pas l'idéal, mais je ne peux exclure qu'ils pourraient tenter encore cette combinaison, préférant placer un nouveau du côté du vétéran (Flory) plutôt que du côté du jeune (Woodruff).

Par ailleurs, même si Calvillo dit qu'il n'a plus de séquelle de sa blessure à l'épaule, je suis loin d'en être convaincu. S'il ne pouvait s'y appuyer il y a 7 jours à peine, sa blessure n'est probablement pas totalement guérie.

Un autre point, c'est que les Timinous ont l'opportunité de rejoindre tous leurs adversaires avec une seule victoire. Ils seront très affamés et disposent de bons outils pour tailler en pièces notre défensive. De bons receveurs aux qualités divesifiées, un porteur de ballon efficace, un retourneur de bottés qui retourne les bottés, un botteur qui aide au positionnement, un bon botteur de placements et un quart expérimenté. Du côté de l'attaque, leur succès dépendra donc de la qualité du jeu de leur ligne offensive et de quel Henry Burris se présentera sur le terrain.

Du côté défensif, les Timinous aussi s'améliorent à chaque partie. Ils ont concédé pas mal de points, mais leur défensive joue avec plus de cohésion que lors du massacre contre les Roughriders.

Les Alouettes n'ont gagné qu'une partie de façon convaincante, contre une équipe qui a des déboires et qui se cherche. La défensive a bien joué les deux dernières parties, mais l'attaque n'a rien fait de convaincant sauf cette partie contre les pauvres Bou! Bombers. Si les Alouettes veulent donner un élan à leur saison, c'est dans cette partie qu'il faut le faire, avec un peu plus de Whitaker, de London, de Bratton et de Lavoie. Richardson est blessé et sera couvert au corps, et même si Green n'est pas blessé, il sera aussi couvert très serré.

Les Timinous ont des unités spéciales, eux.

Les retours d'Anderson et de Bowman sont une bonne nouvelle, mais est-ce que cela suffira pour arrêter Burris, Walker, Williams, Fantuz, Stala, Grant et l'énigmatique Giguère?

C'est dans cette partie qu'on verra si cette équipe a vraiment commencé à se synchroniser.

Went in the administrative offices of the alouettes today to get my fan club kit. whistle nice digs. Ray left a nice legacy for sure. :thup:

oh yeah, good luck als. I'll be in St-Louis for the weekend. Cards-Cubs series awaits.

According to Herb, John Bowman will play in Hamilton; Michael Ola will dress and be a back-up to Josh Bourke; Jerald Brown will play. He did not mention,but I presume that Dwight Anderson will play. Marquis Murrell will also play/be on active roster.

With these moves, Noel Devine,Jentrell Jenkins and Ed Gainey will come off the active roster. My only surprise is Jentrell Jenkins; I thought that he was one of our best DT/DL. No surprise with Noel Devine; Trent Guy will be the KR.

I presume that either Mike Lockley or Marquis Murrell will be a healthy scratch.

Last game Noel Devine,Jentrell Jenkins and Ed Gainey dressed/played; John Bowman,Michael Ola and Dwight Anderson will dress instead of these 3 players; Mike Lockley dressed for last game; either him or Murrell will dress saturday.


Apparently Bowman is expected to play but will see limited time.

I too am surprised to see Jenkins, one our best D-linemen so far, coming off the roster. I would rather sit Lockley or Murrell, frankly. Or better yet, start Brouillette at safety so we can dress an extra defensive lineman.

Il me semble que c’est Ventrell Jenkins et Marques Murrell. :wink:

Je trouverais également malheureux que Jenkins doive être mis de côté. Il me semble plus constant que Hunt. Peut-être que Reinebold veut lui permettre de se reprendre, ou donner assez de corde à son vétéran pour se pendre?

D’autre part, avec la dernière partie qu’il a eue, Bekasiak est venu mêler les cartes, et de la bonne façon!

what the hell is a micheal ola anyways? lockley/murrell either insurance for bowman same as ola for BOURKE!!

Still don't know which Als team will step on the field tonight. The first game was terrible in every aspect. In the second game, the O got on track and the D was better. In the 3rd, the O was sluggish until the 4th quarter, and the D came up big.

So, will this be the game where we get everything together? We certainly can't take the Ticats lightly. They have great receivers and we will have to keep both Chevon Walker and Chris Williams in check - that will be a tall order. We will also have to keep Smilin' Hank under constant pressure. While he, like Anthony, has a few miles on him, he can still hurt you if allowed too many steamboats.

I still think we should start AM; it's early in the season and in the worst case scenario, a L, we end up in a 3-way tie for first. In other words, this would be the perfect opportunity to let him start and give Anthony that extra time to heal properly.

Go Als go!

My main concern remains the defence/the 3-4 set-up. I hate it. Give me a defensive line/set-up like Edmonton. Unless the defence improves substantially in the next three games, Reinebold or his system could be gone.

I picked the Als to win,because I am a loyal fan. I expect the Als to lose. Players from Hamilton that will have a great game: Burris,Walker and Williams,all on offense.

Hoping to be wrong.


Agreed. Why is it that other teams are able to field a terrific defense right out the gate, whereas we have such difficulty? I’m sick of being patient. Edmonton lost a bunch of players in the offseason (Peach, Restelli, Davis) but still field the best defense in the league under Mark Nelson.

I picked the Als to win,because I am a loyal fan. I expect the Als to lose. Players from Hamilton that will have a great game: Burris,Walker and Williams,all on offense.
I agree with you. I've actually changed my pick in the pool. This defense doesn't scare anyone, and we have been awful at Ivor Wynne in recent history. Calvillo is still gimped up, and other key players are also playing at less than 100% (Bourke, Brown). Throw in our abominable special teams and I don't expect a win today. I hope I'm wrong.

I won't change my pick, but I have been/am tempted to pick Hamilton/change my pick to Hamilton.

Same concerns/comments as you regarding defence. It has been years since the Als have had a dominant defence. Edmonton and Calgary won this week thanks to their defence; more particularly Edmonton. I don/t expect the Als defence to win games. With players such as Hunt,Jenkins,Bekasiak,Bowman and Murrell they could have a good defensive line; coupled with LBs such as Cox,Davis and Emry there could be a good 4-3 defence.


And throw in DB’s - Parker, Brown, Anderson (until he got injured) …

Wouldn’t it be nice to win games occasionally without the offense having to post up 30+ points? Some defenses have held the other team to fewer than 20 points! There is way too much pressure on our offense to be elite every week.

With players such as Hunt,Jenkins,Bekasiak,Bowman and Murrell they could have a good defensive line; coupled with LBs such as Cox,Davis and Emry there could be a good 4-3 defence.


To me, the best alignment would be:

DE: Bowman
DT: Hunt (Jenkins rotation)
DT: Bekasiak (Mullinder backup)
DE: Murrell (Lockley rotation with Murrell or Bowman)

MIKE LB: Emry (Dublanko backup)
WILL LB: Davis (Ingram rotation)

CB: Williams (but get Estelle back as soon as he’s healthy!)
HB: Brown
FS: Brouillette
HB: Anderson
CB: Parker

We are not scaring anyone with the 3-4 front. We don’t have a stud nose tackle to power through double-teams and our ends are just not getting to the QB fast enough.

As Richard said, it’s been years since we had a dominant defense. Not since 2009, I’d say. I’m sick of being mediocre on D. (can I get a ‘hells yeah’ from MadJack, who always loves low-scoring defensive games? :wink: )

Agree 100%. Replace Import S Hebert and add Import DT Jenkins on line; add LB/S Brouillette as S. Import OT Ola out of roster and add Import DE Lockley on roster/rotating DE. Add Matte as 7th OL; he won't improve on injured reserve. The Als always seem "scared" to give a chance to a non-import OL; if Matte is no good,then release him and add Barrette.


And with Anderson due back, Osaisai can be removed too.

Teams are 13-2 at home this season so a win would be a bonus but I don't really care what the score says as long as the team plays well in all 3 phases of the game. We have not put up 60 minutes of solid football in all phases yet and that is what your looking for.

Like I stated in another post earlier, why does Calvillo must come out and say, well im okay im still in pain but i can still play. Now hes making a big deal about changing his mechanics. Why must this be a big deal? Why does he have to go 1 on 1 on tsn and explain this situation? Teams are obviously gonna do everything extra in there power to nail the crap out of him, as we saw in the Calgary game. Alot of late hits that were not called. Hamilton hates us and we hate them, you dont think for 1 second Mcelveen is not going to want to take his head off to prove a point. I for one am not looking forward to this game, and think I might take a pass and do other things tonight.

The usually reliable O-line has been up and down as well; AC took some hits last game. If the Als are to have any success with AC at the helm, the O-line has to keep him upright!

I have posted many times that I am no fan of the 3-4. So far, I am not convinved that Reinebold's D schemes are working. That, of course, could change with some movement of personnel and the return of some key personnel on D. I, too, am in favour of a good push off the front 4 - (4, that is!) while keeping contain. When the D has had success in the past, the opposing QB was running for his life with nowhere to go. In the 3 games so far, the QBs have been able to go through their reads with relative ease.

That's why I can only be hopeful for a W tonight. I think the Als have the personnel to get Ws, but right now they are not playing with a whole lot of confidence. I remember a line from Dickie Moore in the glory days of Les Glorieux. He said that when other teams played us they hoped they'd win; when we played other teams we knew we'd win! That may sound cocky, but they had the team to back up that statement. The Als are nowhere near that at the moment.

Nonetheless, I am an Als fan, and I will always want to see my favourite team win! At this point, I don't really care how they come - a dominating offensive display, a key defensive play, more FGs than the other team, a return for a TD (ha! ha! ha!)... If the team builds up enough Ws then maybe, just maybe, a semblance of confidence will start building.

So, go Als go!

In terms of passing yards--

Does anyone think that HAMILTON will have success throwing on MONTREAL? Like do you figure Burris will throw for less than 250 yards or more?

Will Calvillo be able to throw for more than 300 yards this game?