Hamilton @ Montreal GT, July 15 7:30PM TSN 1,3,4,5

Game thread for tonight considering Russ has been MIA since July 1...

Predictions? I think we take the W. It wont be easy, but the Als are bitten hard by injuries and we need to capitalize.

I'm with you all the way, DogsFan! Definitely need the win and I think we can deliver. Execution, smart play (i.e. no stupid penalties or mental lapses), and good play selection are the keys. We have the opportunity to edge past Montreal, catch up to Toronto and stay within sight of Ottawa. An important early season game.

I think our defence will be stretched with the Als receiving corp, despite the loss of their regulars, and Cato can be every bit as effective as Glenn, plus he can run. Running game already good with Rutley, so that is going to be a challenge.

I am hoping we can get the ground game going, whether it be CJ, or Owens and Banks on the end arounds. Need to take some heat off of their blitzes, and stretch out their defence east-west. Keep Cox, Bowman and Brouillette at bay?

It's Friday night, time for some Tiger-Cat football!

I'd be interested in home numbers compared to away #'s for Masoli

I think i'll run some numbers later today

Oski Wee Wee

La partie risque d'être intéressante, mais je crois que Hamilton a le dessus présentement. Masoli a 3 départs en saison régulière alors que Cato n'en a aucun. Masoli travaille avec pratiquement tous ses receveurs réguliers (seul Toliver est blessé) et ils sont tous des vétérans à l'exception d'Underwood. Cato va travailler avec une offensive amputée d'un des 3 meilleurs receveurs de la LCF (j'exclue Duron Carter de ce groupe) et d'un des 3 meilleurs porteurs de ballon. On ajoute Stafford au lot et ça donne un portrait bien différent, quoique j'estime Stafford un peu surévalué. C'est donc dire que pour les Alouettes, la partie tient d'abord à la qualité de la pression appliquée sur le quart-arrière. Si Martin joue un bon match, les Alouettes pourraient gagner une partie serrée en contrôlant la ligne d'engagement. Lorsque Martin est efficace, le reste de la ligne défensive des Alouettes est très dérangeante. Si la pression est déficiente, Masoli va trouver ses lectures et produire les jeux.

Face à une attaque avec autant de joueurs rapides que celle de Hamilton (Owens, Takser, Gable, Banks), les Alouettes ne pourront surcharger la ligne à l'attaque autant qu'ils ne l'ont fait contre Winnipeg. Ils devront garder une plus grande vigilance au 2ième niveau.

Les Alouettes sont désavantagés sur les retours de bottés. Les schémas de blocage ne sont pas rodés et Logan n'a pas pu faire grand chose jusqu'à maintenant. De l'autre côté, Banks a déjà entrepris son travail avec un superbe touché. Hamilton devrait avoir un avantage dans le positionnement du terrain.

L'allure de la partie dépendra donc beaucoup de la tenue de la défensive de Montréal et si Cato peut jouer avec un minimum d'efficacité. Si l'un ou l'autre des ces deux facteurs est déficient, Hamilton va compter deux tonnes de points, soit par manque d'efficacité de la défensive montréalaise, soit par son épuisement en fin de partie.

Ce sont de tres bons points d’observation et d’interet dans ce match de football. A bientot

This game should tell us a lot about our coaches and locker-room leaders among the players. If the Cats follow the same, simple, well known game plan and again fail regularly on tackling and execution of other basic football skills, we’ll have confirmation of a major weakness among those who should be leading the way.

Here's what I'm wondering. We all know Austin isn't fond of running the ball. But he has shown that when the situation is right, he can and will run packages of option-run plays to tendency-bust an enemy defense. I think back to him using Masoli in the wildcat/QB option offense a few years ago to beat my Als in a playoff game. So there's evidence he can run the ball. This year, the Als are not actually a good run-D team. So my question is: if Austin has seen that on film (and why wouldn't he?), will he attack us on the ground?

I tend to feel that dropping Masoli back to pass every snap plays into Montreal's hands, allows them to just tee off on the offensive line. What do you guys think?

I couldn't agree more.

If you periodically let your O-Line 'charge' on run blocking, it keeps the D on their heels...remember how we had a D-Lineman (Mike Philbrick) that would/could just crash down and trip up anyone?) That let the wolves into the backfield, and either sacked the QB or hurried the throws, and gave us a dominant defence.

Win, lose or draw, tomorrow morning, we should all wake up and figure out where to go from here. Jerimia has to show something tonight. Kent is calling the shots, so he needs to step up, too.

Lets get this figured out.

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#Ticats in their all-white jersey & pant combo vs. #Alouettes. Acceptable, as its pre-Labour Day. Still not slimming for the big boys. #CFL

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Several #Ticats players who had come onto the field to warm up have now gone back inside. Rain is falling, dark clouds everywhere... #CFL



Hi all.

Montreal, what were you thinking? UGLY uniforms! 'Nuff said.

Yes I thought that those would die with the switch to Adidas but apparently not. I don't think any other team kept or re-did their 3rd jerseys.

Looks like our guys get the ball to start so let's hope that they can avoid a 2 and out and can get a drive going to put some points on the board.

Apparently not - Gable gains little and Jeremiah is sacked. Thank goodness they limit the return.

yucky first series, but at least we ran on first down

WAY to go Lee!! NO gain on the play. Just have to get them off the field - Done.

Why does Banks never make his first move upfield?

Not much good running on first down if it leaves them in 2nd and long situations. Good if they can pick up at least half the yardage which I’m pretty sure didn’t happen there.

In this case, I don't mind, as he knew there was a 15 yard penalty in case he didn't get anywhere. And actually, there was nowhere to go straight up the field because of the no yards, with a Montreal player two yards away.


at least his penalty allows up to punt