Hamilton @ Montreal game day thread

Glenn and Calvillo starting. No surprises there.

Any surprise I'm pulling for the Als in this one?

Will miss the end as I'm hitting up the Bomber game this afternoon!

Here's hoping for a good game, and another ref controversy couldn't hurt, then maybe the fans of that team can have a cry off with Rider fans.

Good luck to you at your game mpdid. Hopefully both games are at least close.

Shame it took so long for Bellefeuille to realize Porter is not ready to lead this team.....Yet.

I like Glenn and really hope he plays well........... He could still take the Cats to the Cup....Cats. vs Riders......lol


And yup, if it's a good game, win or lose, I'll be happy.
It's just football :slight_smile:

Cats D looks good early!!

Sir, yet another great sig although yesterdays was funnier.

Is Prechae Rodriguez injured or is he a healthy scratch today?

lol… thanks… We’ll see yesterdays again… Cats and Blew team game day!!

Good game so far :wink:

:rockin: :cowboy:

Weak penalty on #52.

Is this not football...

Uncatchable ball is 10 yarder...no....yes.....

What is this flag football....How was that a penalty?

The Cats do NOT want to get into a punching contest with the Als.. the D need to step it up further!!!

Good game so far, fingers crossed the Ti-Cats can step it up a little bit more and give the Als their first home game loss! :smiley:

Glenn and the officials are playing well against the best D in the league.

After the initial drop by Bauman the Cat's receivers have looked really good. Even that Bruce fella.

NICE run by Cobb…Need those slashing backs against that line

STRIPPED THE BALL wow excellent play.

And for the next play, please refer to my sig.