Hamilton @ Montreal 2019-10-26

No excuses,but with the injuries to key players along with top players resting, I don’t see how the Alouettes can compete with the Tiger-Cats. They will be running and passing all over the Alouettes.

I definitely expect a final score in line with the one for week 3, on June 28,2019, where the Tiger-Cats won 41-10.


Sadly, that will most likely be the result. If the Ticats go up by 2-3 scores, hope Jones will pull Adams from the game.

Yes, but there’s a silver lining. . . maybe it’ll make them overconfident for when we meet them in the Eastern final.

I mostly agree, and the Tiger Cats will certainly want to create doubt in the minds of the Alouettes shouldwe meet them again in the final.

On the other hand you would expect the Tiger Cats to be pretty vanilla, saving the other flavors for the final.

And I guess Khari is sparing some of the banged up players this game, but will likely dress a full roster against the Redblacks so the team can go into the semi-final on a high note.

I think Khari is trying to rotate so that there’s no one game where everyone is out of the lineup. Levels, for example, could really use a break – wouldn’t be surprised if he sat against Ottawa. Good strategy IMO.

I see this game as much closer with Als very possibly winning it.

the Als are at home and they have virtually no history of being blown out in the VA era.

I suspect Cats will want to develop more of a run game heading into the playoffs in case it is needed. So I expect lots of Sutton here.

Looking forward to it.

line is currently Ham -3.

Cats blew the Als out 41-10 with VA as QB back at the end of June.

In fairness, that was at the start of the season, before VA really took control of this team and when Slowik was brand-new to three-down football. A lot has happened since then.

I don’t think this game will be a blowout, but all other things being equal, you have to go with team strength on paper. Hamilton are the league’s best team and we’re missing a ton of players, whether because they’re being rested or because they’re injured. But the nice thing is that we don’t have to care about the outcome. Like I said earlier, I don’t want any serious injuries, and I want the team to play hard, win or lose.

True. And Cats also had Masoli as their QB in that game.

You are right, play hard and hopefully come away without any serious injuries.



Thinking about 2004. The Als who finished 14-4 played the lowly Argos in a meaningless game towards the end of the season. Toronto rested a lot of players and the Als destroyed them.

The Argos came back in the East final and won in Montreal…

Just saying, even if we get blown out tomorrow, it won’t necessarily mean much.

Yeah, but AC was also injured and we had to turn to (sorry to mention the name) Ted White. ;D

Less than an hour before kick off, and I still get pregame jitters, even though I’m expecting to see a very generic game from both sides. This game has as close to a preseason game feel to it as I’ve had all season, and rightfully so.

Yes, both teams want to stay sharp, but this exhibition will focus on simple execution without risk, as well as getting some backups some deserved and meaningful reps. I would be surprised if coordinators on both sides didn’t dial it back some… while continuing to compete.

I’d be really surprised to see V.A. get more than a half, as this is the perfect opportunity for Matt Shiltz to get some quality reps. Geno will get his 17 yards to reach 1000 on the season, then should reach for a sideline pass shortly thereafter. Even J.J. should be used sparingly. Chris Matthews and V.A. will get a half to develop some chemistry at game speed. Chris could be a difference maker in the playoffs.

I expect to see some creative play calling on 3rd down… How does a long snapper get hurt ?.. lol… I’m just saying, we’ve had to use a lot of backups this year. BTW, as good as our RBs and Safeties have played, I have really missed Loffler and Ryder Stone, a lot.

Anyway, lets just compete and play to win fellas, whatever happens. Nothing surprises me about this Team. I didn’t see Hamilton winning 13 or more games without Masoli… or even with Masoli. If Orlando doesn’t get Coach of the Year, then maybe our guy… but I can’t help but admire the season they’ve had too, I’m just saying… To be the best, you have to beat the best.

Go Als…

JJ was falling down and VA still threw to him … throwing to a spot is important on many routes … screen pass in the middle of a CLUSTER$%^# is not one of them.

Perfect D by Greg Reid on 2 pt pass to Banks

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Ah okay.

Been good showing by the offence in the first half.

And again … if not for the penalty away from the play.