Hamilton May Get a new Stadium After All

The big inital logjam at City Hall appears to be breaking. The mayor is on the losing end so far.

[url=http://www.thespec.com/news/local/article/252550--council-backs-longwood-stadium]http://www.thespec.com/news/local/artic ... od-stadium[/url]

It has one major impediment--- many of the lands are under obligations of some sort to McMaster University. Pros- it fits the city desires to reclaim "brownfield" land and it has many of the attributes that the 'Cats are looking for (highway access, visibility). It ain't perfect but it's a shot.

Municipal politicians are dorks. Trying to cover their butts.
What everyone else knew took them to the 11th hour to figure out.
The deadline has been (re-re-(re?))extended to September 14th.
Hopefully this does happen and the Ti-Cats get a new stadium in Hamilton.

Your crazy mayor should be done this election.
This Pan Am and hatred for the Ticats is his Waterloo.

yeah your mayor is screwed.

T'aint my mayor. I live 30 miles away in Cambridge, ON.

I DID run for city council in Hamilton in 1982 so I suppose I could have been the mayor today if I had stuck at the political game. By now I would have invaded Toronto.

Good news I think.


With the City and the Cats close enough to agreeing on this (and saving their collective hides) the stumbling block becomes McMaster U. They are the ones now putting up a front of opposition to this because the area was supposed to be what amounts to an R&D park involving the Uni and private companies. Thing is... it hasn't really been working according to the plan so McMaster may not have as much of a position to get concessions as they'd like.

That said, I think that there is an easy fix here... a commitment from the City - and Young from a business side - to create a new R&D park in one of the previous proposed stadium sites and an invitiation for McMaster Football to move its operations to the new Stadium. That could make sense now couldn't it?

I think it's becoming clear that locating these new stadiums on university grounds is the way to go (see the Winnipeg model).

Your welcome Hamilton. :wink:


I dont' care where it goes as long as it's in Hamilton or close by and the Cats will play there.

From what I've been reading and hearing, perhaps you could have done more than just invade and cleaned some house after kicking some serious butt? :?

Wow thanks to all for spelling this out for we outsiders not being able to follow that convoluted stadium thread for months now. :slight_smile: Geez I get a lot of flack for some of my longer posts, but no way are they even close to that hard to follow. :roll:

And hey did that Artie have something to do with this new plan? Where is he on the matter, as he said he could have fixed the whole deal in meeting with Bob Young in fifteen minutes and I am inclined to believe him compared to all the hot air generated otherwise! :lol:

careful you don't break your arm patting yourself on the back there piggy... it isn't actually university grounds

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't there some talk a while back about a shared stadium between Mac and the Cats? My impression is that the Cats' time line and Mac's time line weren't in sync, so Mac went ahead without them, or something like that. That's based on no research whatsoever, mind you, just what I think I remember hearing somebody say.

On a related note, the distance between the Longwood and Aberdeen site and Mac is about the same as the distance from Queen's University to Richardson Stadium, where the Queen's football team plays.

I bet you more than one person spoke up about this one that are pretty powerful people that we never heard about. You can't just move a team that's been in place since the 1870's, espescially over an issue of a stadium that Hamilton should be forkin out anyways as we have all proven many times how much money CFL Teams and Grey Cups bring into cities even if they only host them every once in a while.

One of the best comments on here -- EVER! Exactly! Powerful folks including those whose names we do not even know who have had wealth in the family for decades call so many of our shots, yet too many folks get caught up in the sort of futile banter about their neighbourhood and homer within homer agenda, wishes, hopes, and delusions to see the forest through the trees. Take for example most of the discussion in that awful Hamilton stadium mega-thread for months now.

Except for a few commenters on that thread it's been more about any given commenter's local neighbourhood agenda and emotions more than it has been about the realistic options on the table and the true players involved other than the named politicians and Bob Young.