Hamilton @ Lions This Thursday.

With the lions 3-0 now, showing what they really can do vs Saskatchewan is it not a sure thing that they roll over the Ti-Cats in lion like fasion? I don't meen to be cocky and misjudge the play of the lions, but in reality the Lions are the best team in the CFL and im going to be there to watch them agains Hamilton. Question: How many are expected as it is a Thursday night against one if not the worst team in the league?

Hey, just loving my team and cheering the lions on with fellow fans.

Thanks for any help you can give me about attendance and other good facts you might know.

I will be there but not if it is 35 degrees out side.

can imagine how hot bc place will be next week.

Hi new user here.
Boy did we kick some roughriders ass.

If Global's 7-day forecast was accurate this morning then we are in for a lot of rain next week, including Thursday night. That should mean it's pleasant inside the dome.

Damn... Ti-Cats ... how could a team look so bad just 2 weeks into the season? Easily the toughest sell of the season.
I would be very pleased if we hit 30,000 but probably more like 28,000 due to the opponent. A Thursday game may not help either for Island or fans coming from afar.

I say we will hit close to 30,000 just because it is hamilton.

Actually just heard on nw that already close to 25,000 tickets sold for Hamilton game, so may be we could reach over 30,000 again.

I saw some Saskatchewan women that looked like they could've played O-Line better than those broken down green machines.
Lions are kings cause they always eat their greens.

I am actually from afar Miles 9,Im from 5 hours away from Vancouver and there really arnt very many good seats left. last time i checked the best you could get in the 69.99 or Red zone were upperlevel row FF. so really high. as for loiwerbowl, there were seats on the 10 yard line row UU and thoes are 5 from the top of the lowerbowl. Unless they release lots more tickets, it should be a fine crowd in and around 30,000 people. get your tickets and i'll be there.

BC BLOWOUT sucks for the riders

what are you talking about sskriders?

Rider fans gave up trying to understand him with his first post....I would recommend you do the same.

haha Alright, back to the thread on the big bc game on thursday, any updates on injuries, attendance or any other good stuff?

s.u.c.k.s for the riders i said

wasn't a curse

you dont make much sense sskriders but thats alright

bc vs hamiltton bc blowout s.u.c.k.s. for the riders whats doesn't make sense

OOOOO!!! Burn.

The comment about eating your greens is original and funny.

But the one about our women has one key word in it . . . "some"

Believe me we got our share of hotties!!!

Agreed Thryllin

I predict Joe Smith 200 yards rushing.(265 all purpose).