Hamilton kicker?

ticats have a real dog fight going on for the kicker job, imho Setta gets my vote

Both are very talented, but I'd give the edge to Setta.

This shouldnt even be a competition... Setta should win this one by a mile.

Myers is better than what we had, but Setta is "Ozzy good"!!

Setta...hands down.

Like Myers FG kicking, but the punting and Kick-offs are allllll Setta.

My vote is on Setta because I think he can (and will) excell at both punting and field goal kicking, however, Myers is good too!

I seriously hope that someone signs Myers if we let him go.

Nick "irish" Setta :wink:

I'm with Setta too, although he did miss a 38 yard field goal in last week's pre season game.

Hopefully, he can develop the accuracy he needs for these to compliment his leg strength.

i was very impressed by mr setta, sorry to hear he missed in game conditions, mr myers was placing the ball in the 10 yd line on punts, it looks like its Setta,s to lose. --- trade one kicker and one qb, make a big trade :stuck_out_tongue: build the oline ,reciever,db,s

It is Nicks Job to lose Really ..
If he Kicks Well (Meaning Field Goals Punting Kick offs)Over all The Job is His

My Vote went With Setta But I am Routing for Mark Myers

Setta is the man.

Me thinks that Irish eyes are smiling for Mr. Setta...