Hamilton in Montreal - August 2022

Hello Friends,

I have booked the L'Appartement Hôtel Friday and Saturday night for the weekend Hamilton comes to visit (August 20th). Place looked acceptable enough (certainly not overly fancy), but walking distance to the stadium?

It will be our first time to Montreal for a game.

Anyone have any suggestions on things to do (Maybe CFL related)? I love that gametime is 4pm on the Saturday. Perfect for after game event(s). Is there any place within walking distance from the stadium for a good local meal after the game?

Would it be better to Cab/Uber somewhere else?

I've heard nothing but great things about playing in Montreal, so we are quite excited. (well, my wife will be when she gets the trip as a Christmas gift next week).

Have a safe holidays folks!

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This is a great place, especially if you like beer! Great food also. It is a short cab ride from the stadium. Enjoy your time in Montreal!


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Burger Bar on Crescent Street is a local favorite and a short ride from your hotel.


And to drown your sorrows after the Cats lose to the Als, there is Ziggy's, a short walk up the street on Crescent. :slightly_smiling_face:


Enjoy your visit!


any idea if that hotel is a complete dive, or just a partial dive?

I like that all the rooms had balconies, and was in walking distance from the stadium, but something tells me it may be a bit run down, lol.

my wife is pretty easy going thankfully.

I appreciate the suggestions. We like beer. We like burgers.

I'm not familiar with it, but it appears to be fine, not a dive.

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thank you Sir.

I just grabbed SEC: U1 ROW: 1 SEATS: 23-24

The person on the phone who helped me advises they are front row behind visitors bench?

Already so excited for the upcoming season!


Not too far away from your hotel and stadium is St-Laurence Boulevard (St-Laurent). Classic Montreal smoked meat and many bars and restaurants. Vintage/trendy vibe to the city.

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