Hamilton Idol

Considering how this season is going, let's try a proven format. Following each game performance, the player with the least number of phone_in votes gets axed.

HAHAHAHAH - I like this idea!!!! Or maybe we can text message who we want cut during the game - Most votes win. The team can charge us 99 cents per text and get it Corporately sponsored. It will make the team a fortune!!!!!

there are many players that don't play,so they won't get votes,so actually it should be the most votes,but they get the next game to prove themselves..such as"rock star supernova"! :rockin:

thats an amazing idea. but can we vote out coaches and that too?

Somehow i get the feeling there wont be many players left by the end of the season.

We'd be under the new salary cap coming up.

I can't wait to hear the judges comments every time the punt team leaves the field. Gee Pat, your dress is terrific, but that came across as kick karaoke.