Hamilton Hurricanes home opener

The Hurricanes look to sweep the season series vs. the Braves in the second meeting in as many weeks. The first week saw the Hurricanes beat up on the Braves 27-7 on the road and they look to do it again at home. Game time is Friday, September 2, 2011 at 7:30pm at Ivor Wynne Stadium.

who? this relates to the CFL how?

looks like we got us a mini spammer.

The Hamilton Hurricanes are a CJFL affiliate of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the CFL.

How dare he try to drum up interest in Football, on a CFL site

it would be fine if he stuck to posting it in the other football forum. Posting same thing in multiple forms is spamming.

Real CFL fans only support amateur football via the non-import quotas. Actually paying attention to amateur football, where most of the non-imports come from, is frowned upon.

exactly. well said, picat!

better be sarcastic there PiCat

there is some great football in the CJFL…

the Prairie League for example.

Saskatoon Hilltops the Winnipeg Rifles and the Calgary Colts are some of the top teams in the entire Country.

Many players who are trying to get into University will play a season or two at this level.

there are a number of Former CFLers that came directly from the CJFL…

Larry Wruck of the Eskimos was one big example.

Roger Aldag as well,

there aren’t quite as many today as there were in the past but it’s good football in Canada

Just to be clear, I was being sarcastic here. In my opinion, it's a cop-out to say you support amateur football when that doesn't go any further than merely supporting the ratio rules.

I support the OP's efforts in drumming up interest, although this might not have been the best forum to do that in.

thats the point.

The Hurricanes are the Junior affiliate of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, that is how it relates to the CFL. And to post in multiple forums expands awareness of the team and potentially increases interest by other fans of other football leagues who enjoy good hard-nosed football played by men 17-22 who have a passion for the game and who are not in it for the money.

Given some of the absolute nonsense threads that have been allowed to continue lately, I really can't see any problem with this one at all. It's both Canadian AND football related.