Hamilton Hurricanes Are Back.

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Good news. Makes Ham. more of a football town again and once in awhile this league can produce good CDN players.
(Peter Dalla Riva, Lee Knight, Andrew Grigg are just a few)

Did not the Hurrcanes get stomp every Year by Burlington

Go Braves..


Maybe a few games here and there...but the 'Canes were always looking down at the Braves in the standings.

Hamilton does have two senior HS teams in the Golden Horsehose Bowl. Might take some time but I'm sure they'll have the players to draw from.

Better check your facts OnKnight. From 1974 to 1994 when the Canes folded they finished ahead of the Braves in the standings 12 times. The Braves finished ahead 9 times.

And the Braves threw up many 2 win seasons since 94.

Two win seasons eh? I feel their pain.

who cares if burlington or hamilton beat the crap out of each other in the past.

this is the present. Hopefully Hamilton will start & create some new rivalaries. Glad to see Tiger Town back in the league.

I like their logo. The old New York Hitman "H" from the XFL.

CHCH news really showed their support last night. all of five seconds and then right in the middle they said we ran out of time we can't show you any of the report