Hamilton Hotels

What’s the best hotel to stay at in Hamilton? Reviews are all over the place!

what area in the city do you want to stay in?

or does it matter?

Depends on what part of town you wanna be…

Don’t think it matters…we will have a rental car! This will be our first home game!

I’d choose a B&B over any Hamilton Hotel

well, there isn’t much in the way of parking around the stadium. I suggest you taking uber/cab to THF.

The Marriott Courtyard on Upper James is a nice hotel. Have had clients stay there a few times in the past without complaints. But that is up on the mountain.

If you want to stay downtown, I’d suggest Staybridge Suites or Homewood Suites. They are both quite new, and in the heart of the city.

Also consider taking a TiCat HSR express bus to the game and back - it’s free!

that is the best way to get to the game!! :slight_smile:


OslerHouse is a really nice B&B and it’s very close (short walk) to the University Plaza bus pickup.

P.s. I have no connection to them :smiley:

Thanks for the info!! All booked

have fun!!!

Assuming you are taking in the ECF game?

Hmmmm… :o :stuck_out_tongue:

X 2

Guess I’m late to the party but we always stay at the Sheraton in downtown and cab it to the stadium. Little trickier getting a cab back but we usually manage.

Sheraton in Jackson Square isn’t a bad hotel, just a bit dated.

The suites one block south west are much newer.

Glad we have many new hotels in the city…especially for GC 2021.

Especially since the Connaught (the Eskimos hotel in 1996) is no longer with us. :frowning:

We’ve stayed here a few times and quite like it. Staff is friendly and some seem to remember us from previous visits. Easy access to shopping if I need anything and it’s comfortable. Don’t need the most modern place as long as it’s clean and comfortable.

great to have many options in the city these days!

hope they are all full in November 2021.

Try Uber, they are readily available