Hamilton High Five!?

That video was absolutely hilarious! LOL

What did you guys and girls think of that video?

Be careful GBonds…thats a loaded question. There will no doubt be someone on here who says, “these guys should be concentrating on football and not Ticats TV,” or “no fun allowed until we make the playoffs” etc. etc. etc…

I for one agree with you and think the video is hilarious!!!

No doubt there will be those people, but how much concentrating on football does a 3rd string QB and a always injured RB need to do, really?

:lol:, I know I know... low blow right?

Liked the video but confused as to what it is all about.

Can someone fill this idiot in?

I have no clue what it's about, but that's what made my laugh even harder. Pointless humor is always funny stuff.

Hey Guys,

The video is a spoof off of an internet sensation video entitled "Hollywood High Five"

It was cute. Jesse's expressions just killed me. I think this one was better than the "Hollywood High Five" I just watched.

[url=http://monscooch.blogspot.com/2007/12/hollywood-high-five.html]http://monscooch.blogspot.com/2007/12/h ... -five.html[/url]

that video was jokes.

Agreed. Jesse and Richie were way funnier than the “original”.

ALL of the videos on the Tiger-vision are great.

I’m sorry, but now that I’ve seen Hollywood High Five, I must say that it does not meet high enough standards to achieve “internet sensation” status. Maybe in the internet minor leagues.

The Hamilton one is much better.