Hamilton has 2 owners!

Viewing from the page and the TSN news had a briefing but it wasn't on now. I can't believe this wouldn't make big news. Martin Short is big news.

It was afiliated with this news so it now shows the Tiger Cats owners

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hamilton_T ... Team_facts

Wikipedia, anyone can edit it, so probably someone did that as a joke, to see if anyone would fall for it. They got their fish.

I remember Martin Short did do some PR for the Ti-Cats a year or so ago, but for actually co-owning the club with Bob Young, I don't think so.

It's gone now, sometimes you got to be careful with Wikipidia.

That was several years ago. He was touted as being the new owner in MacDonal/Grant regime.

Just like Allan Thicke and Alex Trebek and .....

lemme guess, Red Green? Hey, Steve Smith (Red's real life personna) owns a place in Hamilton.

Ivor Wynne needs sprucing up? Whup out "The Handyman's Secret Weapon" and the ol' place is good as new. :lol: :roll: