HAmilton gves up on Chang after ONE start?

I couldn't imagine the frustration of a home team that has only one win.

But does that mean that Hamilton will just go through QB after QB after QB until they get a win?

Printers is supposed to save the Ti-Cats? Chang is supposed to chase the Ti-cats? Maas is supposed to save the Ti-Cats? Even Shaun King to a much lesser extent got sent packin.

Don't throw Chang into the Fire just because the team cannot play. How many wins in the last four seasons? I think it is safe to say that the problem is much more than an injured QB or a rookie QB.

what kind of breakin news is this???

chang hasnt been cut has he?

Thrylin.....what the he-- kind of #@%* are you posting.

The dynamics of this should be clear if one steps back for a second. I am in the Chang Gang (I can hold dual membership with the Printers Union because I STARTED IT LOL) and I got the fact that with Timmy it will be a growing process.

I believe he has a future with the Cats. As Buck Pierce grew as a reserve QB in BC, there is ample opportunity for Chang in Hamilton even if Printers is no. 1.

The spectre of improving the team to a point where we might be able to give quality reps to a backup in the third quarter (GASP) as the team is winning some games is of a higher rate of possibility with Casey in the saddle than any other option in-house at the moment.

A prescient coach gets his backup some reps over time so if need be the guy has a clue and can assume the controls. Chang (and Williams) has a developmental curve that may be enhanced by having a longer time absorbing the Canadian game.

You need reps and you need the filmwork hours to really get the nuances worked out, IMO.

Backup duty does not have to be a death sentence for a QB's development, it can be an excellent rerouted opportunity. Ask Tom Brady, Tony Romo, Casey Printers (!), Anthony Calvillo, Buck Pierce, Warren Moon, Mike Kerrigan, Danny McManus (elsewhere!), and on and on and on...

Oski Wee Wee,

I don't believe the Cats gave up on Chang. He wasn't having a good game and looked shell shocked so why leave him in? It would only destroy his confidence. The kid is 22 and has a lot of football left. Why throw him to the wolves?

Sign Printers!!! He will turn the team around. If he Doesn't then find a new QB to destroy the confidence of.

IT is a tough game I know. It is a tough choice to choose which QB to use. Casey Printers is not worth $500,000 unless the rest of the team is be lackluster and not help him.

I apologize for anybody who may have got the impression that I am mental and don't know what I am talking about. But how many QBs have Hamilton been through while in their multi-season slump?

I just hope the coaches or the management can turn Hamilton's lack of success around soon otherwise I will begin fearing for the Franchise's future.

Go Hamilton! Whoever is throwing for them.

Oh and to the mods: How come the title of my new topic was changed? I believe I originally posted, Breaking News: Hamilton Gives up on Chang after ONE Start . . .
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Hamilton gives up on Change after ONE Start.

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