Hamilton Grey Cup

Ottawa before us what are your thoughts Hamertown.

Just out of curiosity I looked at all the Grey Cup locations from 1909 to 2017. The results are heavily in favour of Toronto - I wonder why????

  1. Toronto - 46 - latest 2007, 2012, 2016
  2. Vancouver - 15 - latest 2005, 2011, 2014
  3. Hamilton - 10 - latest 1996
  4. Ottawa - 6 - latest 2004, 2017
  5. Montreal - 7 - latest 2008
  6. Calgary - 4 - latest 2009
  7. Edmonton - 4 - latest 2010
  8. Winnipeg - 4 - latest 2006, 2015
  9. Regina - 3 - latest 2013
  10. Kingston - 1
  11. Sarnia - 1

Would really like to see a Grey Cup in Hamilton for Bob's sake alone but the surrounding area by the stadium is not close to ready in my view.

The long time fans have been extremely supportive and patient as well.

I sure hope it happens in 2018 but with a beautiful new stadium in Regina I highly doubt it.

At the same time I would think Calgary is overdue as well.

My two cents,


The City has to bid along with the team. If they think we are not ready then no bid. I hope we get the game soon but most likely 2019. Just my opinion

One cup in 46 years. Don't hold your breath.

Because they had the biggest stadium. From 1909 to 1920 it went to the team with the best record, from 1921 to 1947 it went to the Eastern Champion, with the exceptions of 1941 and 1943 where it was Varsity Stadium hosting despite a Toronto team failing to make the Final.

Obviously Toronto had a lot of good teams during the early years...

Calgary hosted in 2009 and Regina has had it in 2003 and 2013...both since our last turn...plus, Regina doesn't have the hospitality infrastructure for the Grey Cup...lots of complaints from people across the country that they could not find accommodations.

And Winnipeg had two games ('98 and '06 or '07) in that piece of shite called Winnipeg/Cannad Inns Stadium...and it was no better than Ivor Wynne...

It's time to come home....

For years, starting in 1955, it went back and forth between Toronto and Vancouver...they had the biggest stadiums...they held it in Ottawa in 1967, for obvious reasons, and there was not additional seating added...and that's when it started to get rotated around the league (Montreal in '69, Hamilton in '72, Calgary in '75)...once Olympic and Commonwealth Stadiums opened, there was no need to just go to Toronto and Vancouver for capacity

I'd rather focus on Hamilton hoisting the cup than hosting it. Then again, I don't live there, so....

This is not acceptable!!! When the stadium was built the fan base was promised Grey Cup games.... someone has some explaining to do and the Hamilton fans deserve an apology... I for one am not impressed and I'm prepared to walk away from the CFL permanently. it's been since 1996 (20 years) that the game was played here.... patience are pretty much gone... Mr Young, where ever you are hiding I hope you are listening because your fans aren't impressed and they all know Regina will host when their new stadium opens... you are the "caretaker", take care of this please...

I want to focus on with your Hamilton does not share how? Thank you

We've been complaining for a long time about the lack of acknowledgement from the CFL that we should be next to host the Grey Cup. Through all of this I don't remember much (if anything) from the Cats concerning hosting. I get the feeling they don't want the headaches of hosting and maybe don't see the a huge financial gain.
I always thought the host city and football club were well compensated if run properly. If they can host in Saskatewan with the lack of hotels, then that excuse cannot be used for Hamilton.
Opinions?? (Here comes the Hamilton bashing!!)

If they bid on it, they will get it. It's that simple. The Ticats haven't bid to host the game since Young became owner. Not surprising since they didn't have a worthy stadium until 2015. I expect it will be played in Hamilton in 2019 (after Regina in 2018).

Hamilton is hosting the Vanier Cup this year and next year at THF.
Does anybody even know this????? (Sound of Crickets!)
TOR is already selling Grey Cup tickets and HAM so far, nada
Lets just see how the City handles the 2016 and 2017 CIS Championship Vanier Cups
Hopefully Hamilton puts on a great showing!

IMHO it should be or will be 2018 or 2019. :rockin:


sorry but you need a complete stadium and THF has a bit to go yet and again sorry not up to BOB the City has to start the Bid not the team and no City in there right minds would bid without a complete stadium

Does anybody know what the timeline is for the completion of the school and recreation centre that are being built on the Scott Park site across Cannon Street from THF? Aren't those going to take something like two years to be completed and open once all planning approvals are signed off on?

The south plaza of the stadium - which the team is using for the Labour Day pre-game party this year with live bands etc - and is the type of thing you would likely see at the stadium for a Grey Cup Sunday (and Vanier Cups I assume too) - at least a good chunk of that area won't be available for a Grey Cup because much of it would be taken up with temporary seating for the game.

So I would assume they would likely want to make use of Scott Park grounds and maybe even some of the indoor faciltiies of the school and or rec centre as part of the stadium area game day festivities.

Might that be why they have not applied yet to host the game - until the Scott Park timeline is finalized?

2 years completion date for Scott Park School and Bernie Morelli Rec. Center is correct.

"White says construction on the school will begin as soon as the city approves the site plan — with the new facility opening two years later."

[url=http://www.900chml.com/2016/03/16/scott-park-school-pool-and/]http://www.900chml.com/2016/03/16/scott ... -pool-and/[/url]

What's not acceptable? That Hamilton hasn't bid on it? They'll bid when they think they are ready, think they can win the bid, and think they can make money on the venture. No one needs to apologize. Which fans are you referring to who are not impressed?

I'm in Regina right now, their new stadium is beautiful... larger and more impressive than THF. There are lots of hotels here. I expect Regina to bid soon, and if I were the CFL I'd be favourably disposed to award it to them.

But using the 100km radius of a sports stadium, then by population, the Hamilton catchment area is just as big!!

In the old days the Grey Cups rotated back and forth between East and West and Toronto and Vancouver.
Now with all the stadiums on board and the ability to put in temp stands it makes sense that with 9 teams it could be a rotation of cities.
It seems fair that every 9 years a city would host it. That would make it easy to prepare and predict, Toronto gets it this year and they don't get to host it again until 2024, Ottawa 2016 & 2025, etc
There could be exceptions like Montreal, the may not want to host another Grey Cup until they repair the Big Owe but they may never happen. Or if a city decides they don't want a Grey Cup