Hamilton Grey Cup 2016

It's pretty clever and creative way to help finance the CFL in Torornto. A good thing.

Vancouver again in 2014, only three years since the last one there????

League's gotta pay for Guelph 2013.

With the 2015 PanAm Games, Hamilton will be ready to host the 2016 Grey Cup.The Games will be a great test that will prepare the City, I have already noticed some new hotels being built around the GHA. The infrastructure will be in place in preparation for the PanAm Games which will lead to The City of Hamilton being ready to host another major event !! :thup:

At least in Hamilton's case there are thousands of hotel rooms fairly close in Niagara Falls, maybe they could arrange Grey Cup shuttles or something similar. Maybe have the Tiger Cats partner with Niagara Tourism. Grey Cup, Niagara Falls tours, casino package. I'm sure that with 20,000 out of towners coming for a Hamilton Grey Cup and needing upwards of 10,000 hotel rooms that a tourist town like Niagara would jump at the chance to provide shuttles to Hamilton, and Grey Cup events there.
Also some great "gentlemens clubs" in Niagara too. Also if the Blue Bombers make it, their fans would be interested in the Niagara Butterfly Conservatory. After all November isn't exactly the height of the season in Niagara.
How about the Hamilton/Niagara Grey Cup 2016?