Hamilton Game

I know this is a bomber forum but WOW to the tiger cats, where has that side of them been all season

Had the bombers played a real qb in that eskimo game earlier tis year & the 2 calgary games, we would be only 2 points out of second place

The old guy Danny mac still has a strong arm..lay them over the shoulder ball... in the arms of a streaking reciever...he has the best accuracy in the CfL, when he's gotta roll out from pressure..he's a bust.

Thanks Danny Mac.....u b.a.s.t.ard. Cost me 3 pionts on my pool this week. Having said that, looked good on the Eskies. Looked like a lot of the Eskies had this game marked as 2 points before they got off the bus.

Damn Tiger Cats.... losing to the ESKIMOS! I thought that would be a forsure right pick.
In a way I am happy to see the Esks get owned by a team with 2 wins...now 3 after the win. They're catching up on us...Ahh.

ya don't be afraid we both will miss playoffs. Situation in the esks or riders loss all theirs and the bomber win all ours. See what i mean. Some1 else can gve u stats but there;s reality.