hamilton game

is anyone else as scared as i am about hte hamilton game.as long as our defence plays as well as they can we have a chance.but i feel our offence still needs a bit of tweaking.go riders go :?

I am not worried. It will be a good game but the Riders will come out on top. Our defence is solid and our offence will step up. It definately won't be a blow out but we will win. Coach Miller won't let them take Hamilton lightly.

i think it will be a close game regardless of who wins. as long as Durant doesn't make to many mistakes the riders will have a decent shot at winning.

If the ticats can establish the run like they did last week (although it will be tough the riders have a great D) then look out!


And it doesn't help either team that it will probably be raining during the game. Hamilton likes to establish a strong running game. Saskatchewan is hoping to rely on Cates as they have a rookie 3rd QB leading the offense. The rain could screw up both needed running attacks.

Either way, hope it's a close game. and I really hope that this Ticat team has been brought down back to Earth after being on such a high last week.

I'm not worried...i know stats mean nothing but we're top spot in the west and all the other western teams blew out their eastern opponents this weekend....

We squek by 17-14

Our D-line must Pressure and contain, Jones and Chick will dominate, our offense must grind out drives, ball control and turnovers are the key here, wear down the Tabies D-line and points will follow....GO GREEN...

It's funny reading these pre-game posts after the game. If all Durant did was manage the game and not make too many mistakes, it would've been a big Hamilton victory. I have to say, he did a mighty fine job. The run prophesy came true as well, not as well as the Toronto game but it was a nice ground game. This is the best run defense in the league, so I have to think that we should rack up some big yards on the ground this year.