** HAMILTON game ** Mcmahons trip to Hamilton

I just returned from my trip to Hamilton, and have to say Ivor Wynne is a fantastic stadium, and has great gameday.

Yes, the game did not turn out well for the hometeam, but I wasn't expecting such a tremendous turnout, and never realized how initimate, and how beautiful the stadium is.

A tremendous landmark that if they wan't to call home for the next 100 years, they must do some renovations, and expand the seating to make this possible the best sporting venue in the world.

It's that wonderfull!

The fans were outstanding!

I enjoyed meeting with everyone before the game, and for those who I invited into the lockeroom after the game, again I hope you enjoyed the experience, but again - sorry it wasn't after a better result!

My time in Toronto was wonderfull, and though the Argos were on the road, I got to meet some of the practice roster Argos, and on Saturday got to meet with most of the team.

My meeting with Ricky went well, more details to follow.

Again thank you Hamilton for a special gameday!

Hope the team turns around, and thanks for teh great fans that attended the game on Saturday!

Thank you

Just f off already

I met Ricky over the weekend, and he is a special person. I got a chance to finally meet in person as a player in the CFL. I have met him on other occasions.

He tells me enjoys the Toronto area so much, he is planning on building a home in area outside the city.

He tells me thinks Pinball is the greatest human being, he has ever gotten a chance to known. And now calls him one of his best friends.

Ricky is thinking hard about returning to play in the CFL, and hinted a 4-5 year career outside the 2006 season is probably a 75% chance of happening.

The CFL is such a surprise to him, and he is learning more about the history of the game, the league and all of it's members. He has studied the league going back to almost 90 years.

He knows quite a bit know, and good probably challenge any historian.

Since his injury, he feels that it's a blessing in disguise because it gave him a chance to learn about the game more, and told me how difficult it is to adjust to the CFL game.

He calls Damon Allen as one of the finest players he has ever known, and sees Damon as being a top pro coach in the near future. He says his knowledge of the game is simply amazing and calls Damon a true legend!

He is teaching in the area, and fines the people of Toronto very supportive, and thinks this is a place he can call home for ever!

Ricky beleives now that his suspension has changed his life, and feels the CFL is the best thing that has ever happened to him after the birth of his children.

He though Regina was a interested road city, and thinks the fans in Regina were tremendous and possibly the best road fans he has ever seen.

That's no big deal. I met Dan Marino last Thursday. He was sitting next to me at the Als/Stamps game.

He's a bit more disturbed than I imagined...

Oh yeah, well I met Jim Beam and Johnny Walker on the weekend and we got along just swimingly.......

I've met John Avery, Pinball Clemons, Curtis Joseph(NHL), Steve Thomas(NHL) and Carlos Delgado (MLB).

Cool story McMahon.


Tell us who you are.

I want to believe what you're saying, but you could just be making shit up.

LOL Pigseye. That's hilarious. I had the same type of meeting as well, although it was with Alexander Keith's. And like you we got along swimmingly...

And...you believe his story?? :o


like the comments about the cities, I'll give him that, but the rest has to be lies unless he has a private aircaft, like a cesna.

i've met ALL the argos, and UNLIKE mcliar, i have the photos to prove it:

[url=http://www.ticats.ca/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=5904]http://www.ticats.ca/index.php?name=PNp ... pic&t=5904[/url]

would be nice if mcliar EVER had photos to prove his crap...or even a LINK.

and that's no baloney, that's the real mccoy!

I met Charles Roberts and Onterio Smith at the reseason game this year.

that's preseason mate.

Like it matters if it is the preseason?? He's still met them.....

I met Pamela anderson once and Kim Cattrall both from the same town on Vancouver Island. They both told me they wanted to marry McMahon but could not handle his fishing stories. Oh well, missed opportunity I guess!

he said "RESEASON" not "PRESEASON"

he meet Roberts cool :thup:

but he was off by a letter, you know it as well as I do. :wink:

Nope, actually I saw it as you knocking him for meeting players in the preseason.....if you were correcting his spelling, then it's not so much a dig as it is hilarious.....