Hamilton forum-being told not to comment

I was asked to stop posting on the Hamilton forum as they didn't like the fact I had added intelligent comments, wished their team good luck, commented on the poor officiating (which they blame for all their team loses) commented on losing their Quarterback last week as unfortunate, which they also blame for losing everything. I added positive comments about the CFL, based on being involved 45 years, but my opinion didn't agree with members of the Hamilton forum and their issues. It was good to see all the Ti-cats fans at Lansdowne park for the game last night, they witnessed a historic game in Ottawa football history, they witnessed a CFL passing record by Henry Burris. It wasn't all bad for them.

I was told to go comment on the lame Ottawa forum. Yes I'm an Ottawa fan, but I'm also a CFL fan.

They are "finicky" fan aren't they. :lol:

Then it would seem you don't belong there anyway.

I don't like personal attacks on forums, I find them so gutless. It's almost like they don't appreciate intelligent comments. I will give them one thing, there is zero conversation on the RedBlacks forum, and I believe it has everything to do with the fact that this is a new team and people simply do not know about it.

There is less threads in the REDBLACKS section because WE ARE INTELLEGENT fans and forum posters. Why would I want to open another duplicate thread about the whinny PuddCat Fans? There are already a dozen threads open on that subject? When I see one thread open in one teams section, a I assume we can post and that most readers don't want to read duplicate and triplicate threads.


Before telling us how intelligent you are, you might want to learn how to spell the word first. Oh, and it's "there ARE FEWER threads", not "there is less threads."

Anyway, seriously, keep on posting in Hamilton threads; as long as you don't trash talk their fans, just ignore those who don't want you posting there.

Spelling mistakes are gonna happen LOL

BTW according to some of your fans, WE (or any other team's fans) not allowed to post in your forums :roll:

we like all CFL fans and welcome them in here anytime :slight_smile:

When the Renegades were on the verge of folding, I helped start a private forum for Ottawa fans only.

There are plusses and minuses to such a thing, but the point is that the forum they are posting on is public. The subject matter is the ti-cats. there is no criteria to meet that says you have to be a fan of that team, just that you need to stay on topic. The notion that you have to be ti-cat fan to post there is completely incorrect. If you want to keep fans of other teams out, start a private forum.

They aren't "my" forums; I'm an Als' fan first (yes, Hamilton a close second).

Don't paint us all with the same brush. I've told MadJack,HFx,D&P,LeStaf etc etc(all Alouette fans)as well as fans of other teams on many occasions that posting on our site is not a problem. I've had many good conversations back and forth over the years with your very own CRF about a lot of different topics in the main forum and also noted that he posted in our forum after the game without a problem. Photo1 was also informed of a thread started on our forum congratulating your team and you fans on your victory but I guess he forgot to mention that in this thread. You can call us whinny , puddy cats or whatever other names ya can think of believe me It doesn't bother me in the least. In fact I've grown accustomed to it and revel in it. So please take MadJacks advise and feel free to post in our forum.....just remember though what he said...no trash talking and ignore those who don't want you posting there.
That's All :slight_smile: That's It :slight_smile: Simple really......Hopefully we will be seeing you boys again in a few weeks in the EF :smiley:

Must disagree with you on that MadJack. :wink: It would be reasonable to make such an observation in the context of a person being smart [rather than intelligent but his grammatical errors actually don't have much to do with his "intelligence". People often interchange "smart" and "intelligent" but they are not the same.

Smart can be applied to learned inferences, such as making smart business or emotional decisions. Smart is an earned status. When we study and learn, we become smarter in the subject matter; For example we can become smarter writer's by avoiding the use of the word "irregardess" when we should be using "irrespective" or when using the words "than" and "then" or being sure we correctly use "it's" and "its" . People can be book smart or street smart, we have to put effort into becoming smarter.

Intelligence, on the other hand, is something with which you are born. Your IQ is a measurement of your intelligence, and doesn’t change because it is a measure of your ability to learn

There are many people out there that are very intelligent but not very smart. Conversely, there are many people of average intelligence that are actually quite smart.

Though Photo1's may not be that smart in the grammar dept.[I really cannot say] this doesn't mean he has not presented intelligent comments and refer to them as such.

I started my next paragraph with the words "Anyway, seriously", which should have been a tip off that my first paragraph was rather tongue in cheek.

My wife does correct my grammar every now and then, she's a proof reader at work. I do make errors when I type quickly, but for the most part my grammar and correct use of the english language is pretty good. I also mentally correct people when I read, but forums aren't english exams and I find it a little condescending when people start to correct people.

On the flip side, the english language is not being taught correctly in schools, newspapers and tv news are the worst for incorrect grammar.

As was I MadJack. As was I. :wink:

I"m with you on that!

A while back, after one of the all too frequent campus shootings in the USA, the President of the University in question, came out and stated that it was "heart-rendering", instead of 'heart-rending'. From a University President!

"I also mentally correct people when I read, but forums aren't english exams and I find it a little condescending when people start to correct people."…by Photo1

A fair comment Photo1. A point that should be well taken, even by those who do it "tongue in cheek". [not referring to any one person in particular]. Personally, I think the use of sarcasm goes a little too far sometimes. Sarcasm can be harmless and even funny sometimes but it is often used to make a point and unfortunately at the expense of the recipient.

It would be nice if we were all literary giants but we are all just plain old everyday CFL football fans who are not all up to speed on precise grammar. There are even those who are more anal than others. [no sarcasm intended]

Also bearing in mind that the person writing and making the error might be attempting to learn a second (or third, fourth...) language. Been there and it's not very encouraging to have someone make you sound like an imbecile because you mistook your "then" and "than", for example.

I've got a funny feeling that this forum is suddenly going to see a lot more traffic then it has all season. As they say "Business has just picked up " I think that it's about to get very interesting in here in the next couple of weeks as REDBLACKS Fever takes over this forum.

Ah yesiree Bobo. You are right about that. :thup: And I am so very happy for Ottawa. For almost 10 years the Ottawa fans had no team of their own to talk about. They had to adopt another team.

With Ottawa doing as well as it has been doing I think it is great to see Ottawa fans tooting their horn let alone even having a horn to toot.

And if REDBLACKS fever does take over the forum I am sure there are some who have just the antidote. They know who they are. :wink:

It has been great to see an Ottawa franchise back in the CFL. It is even better that the team has done so well in this, only its second season after such a long time off the radar. This is good for Ottawa, the fans and CFL! :thup: :thup:

Let us hope that SSK, Winnipeg and Montreal are able heal after taking such a beating this year. They will I'm sure. Perhaps I should have included the Lions in that group??

I had the same experience, with the added you are a troll so go away.
The worst team forum here on the CFL site.