Hamilton Fires GM

Heard he got fired tonight.Wonder who will get his job.

Rambo...he's packing a Machete.
Heads are going to Roll..

Im sorta surprised they only gave him a year, but when most of the players he let go or traded are having great years elsewhere it looks really bad on him.

Probably the beginning of wholesale changes again in Hamilton, as the new GM will probably make some changes and bring in his guys.

Danny Macochia....plllllease!

I wouldn't wish that on Ticat fans :wink:

Yeah, that's pretty cruel. Not even sure I'd wish that on Calgary even after they swept us.

I hope they don't clean house again. Instability is part of the problem, how do you expect anybody to get good in a system when the system totally changes every year?

Besides, its not like there's a lot of quality coaches floating around.

i think we need a little bit of house cleaning, mostly among the assistants and the defensive backfield. hopefully it will do some good.

.....usually a new gm brings in his own people...could be a house-cleaning....Desjardins made horrendous decisions on a few trades and really looked way over his head....The 'hammer' just can't get a break.... :roll: ???????

There are a number of good players on the Ticats roster that they can build around, there's no reason to believe even with a house cleaning that they can't be competitive under a new GM.

Exactly. Other than Printers, Desjardins didn't impress me as a GM.

Second guessing a few trades or personal moves by Desjardin is fair game.
But so is second guessing this descision to fire him.
Looks like the circus has not yet left town in Hamilton.
This move simply makes no sense.

Back to square one next year.