Hamilton Fans The Greatest

As an Alouette fan who follows the CFL in general I must say that the Ti Cats fans are the greatest.The Ticat web site is usually the most active site of all CFL teams and the attendance at this year's Ticats games was amazing.All you Ticat fans are to be congratulated for your active support of the football club. Like all of you I was very disappointed at the Ticats season.At the beginning of the year I figured the Ticats would challenge for first place. The Ticat fans are number one and I hope your Alouette transplant will help your club to soar in 07.

It's active because we complain so much :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey thanks for the compliment hassall, we hope things work out for next season too!

Best wishes to you and ur aloettes in the playoffs!

agree'd go als! u guys gave us a little bit of hope for a playoff run but as pre usual we lost the next game:) oski wee wee

The one consistency on this team, I would say unique to Hamilton, is the loyalty of the fans through good times and bad.