Hamilton Fans Relax All Ready

As a longtime Bomber season ticket holder, I just have to say you people need to relax. I was quite impressed by your team last night. Lumsden and Bauman look to be future stars (well Jesse's probally there already) and both are Canadian. Your two rookie NI guards on the OL look good. Moreno is a beast. Cody's an all-star.

You moved the ball well last night and played pretty solid D. The score doesn't reflect how close the game was.

You're going to start beating teams this year, just hopefully not versus Winnipeg. Final thought, stand by your team, this boycott talk is nonsense.

Relax don't do it if you got to go to it 0-5 RELAXXX....... :frowning:

Yes there is good potential on this team, but that potential will probably bolt to the NFL or Argos after this season. It's tough to rebuild when the bricks keep vanishing. Unless they can get some of these future stars signed for several years (e.g. Setta)it will keep repeating the cycle.

I for one am getting a little tired of being asked to be patient. This slippery slope to mediocrity is getting awfully steep. Losing is becoming a habbit. The only way we get in the playoffs now is with the collapse of an eastern team and winning 8 or 9 of our last 13 games. Not impossible, but tough.

Thanks winnipegfan. A true CFL fan. You are right but it is getting frustrating here. You are right we have lots of potential here but after 5 losing seasons its getting very discouraging. I really believed we were going to win last night but there was no way we were going to beat the BB after the Stegal touchdown. They were fired up after that and the all just started rolling from there.
Anyways thanks for the encouragment we need it.

Actually we were in the game LOOOOOOOONG after the Stegall TD. That occured in the 1st half and we hung tough until the 4th quarter. Things fell apart after the near int at the goal line

Relax at 0 - 5 ? The last few years they have started 0 - 4 or 0 - 5, this talk the team needs to gel is garbage. They have had all of training camp and now 5 weeks of the regular season. Anyone that says they are getting 400 yards of offence and are getting better every game are nuts. How many tds do they have this year ? How many points have they scored ? I dont care if they get 500 or 600 yeards on offence the bottom line is scoring tds. I would be happy with 250 - 300 yeards of offence and 2 or 3 tds than 400 - 500 yeards and 6 fgs. Wont win only scoring fgs in an league known to be offensive and pass happy.
Comparing yards gained in offence is like comparing how many shots on net a hockey gets in a game, its a very misleading stat. Bottom line in hockey is goals scored and football how many tds are scored.
Maas isnt getting any better, his passes are wobbly and either low or behind the receiver. Just look at the big hits the receivers are taking from Maas's bad throws, he either waits too long and the receivers get covered or flutters it to them. He stinks period. Cut him loose or trade him if you can get anything for him. Start playing Timmy Chang, he is the better qb. Its very doubtful the Ticats can make the playoffs so start letting Chang get some real experience being a starter and playing a full game.

Thanks Winnipegfan for the brief respite from negative posts.

Now back to the usual naysayers. NEXT!!

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