Hamilton Fans- How about some football

For the past few months most of your posts have been about where the team will be playing- nothing really about football and the TiCats. Today your posts are about- announcers, websites,LTR, lacross and nothing interesting about the TiCats and their football game news. I realize that the venue for the team was the issue of the year. I am not a TiCat fan but, I have always followed the postings on this site. With the stadium issue out of the way, I am looking forward to some real football news. I believe Hamilton has the best following in the east and, your messages has provided some good insights/ team news over the years. I hope now that the stadium issue is over, you will get back to what you have always done best and that is- providing good football insights!.

You do know it's the Off-Season, right?

You're not a TiCat fan, get lost buddy, you're not worth a response more than that. Go watch some water go over the falls in your city, okey dokey, got that? :lol:

Niagara Falls, a city the CFL doesn't care about like Windsor. :lol:

Isn't the Falls like some sort of bigger version of Ingersoll? :lol: And I like Ingersoll when I want to go there for some farmer laid back Canadiana, hey, that does work as such. :wink:

Take it easy guys, you know a guy can cheer for more than one team. Just look at all the cat fans cheering for the steelers today..
So far the best part of the game has been the half-time show.


Earl, it looks like all that stadium debating has made you sour.

The TiCats could use more fans from the Niagara area. Plus, he has a point. Thirty minutes to kick off in the SB, Capt West Harbour posted something about light rail transit.

Pardon me for saying, Earl, smiley faces do nothing to hide that fact
that your comments about Niagara Als not being a Tiger Cat fan

and your derogatory comments about Niagara Falls

are rude and uncalled for. He did nothing to deserve them,

He merely complimenting us for our football commentary here.

Let me apologize for the other members here, Niagara Als.

Ok here is something football related on the off-season...did anyone else get a sneak peak at the new New Era caps?

Many of us have been begging for an off topic section for exactly the things you correctly point out.

There used to be an off-topic section and an expert section called Xs & Os iirc.

Dont know what I'm complaining about even when we did have an off topic the usual suspects never abided by it and it was never enforced.

There are Off-topic, other Football leagues, and Xs and Os forums here,


Occasionally, I think it would be nice to have an off-topic section within the TiCats section of the forums, though.

Poor Niagara Als... Earl gave him a piece of his mind, and nobody's actually discussing what he started the thread for....

Well, there is always that other "voice" (accurately described in the singular).


But football is FIVE months away and we fill in by discussing other things that maybe closely linked to the Ticats or IWS. There are some threads that I don't even open. You mentioned lacrosse, I know nothing about it and not interested so I didn't even click on that thread.


Got it. I thought you might have been making a reference to the mangled grammar (since fixed) of my preceding post.

I am not a TiCat fan

What he said. To me the thread was stupid to start here then. He's better off at RTH if he's not a TigerCat fan. Why post here if you're not a fan. This is a TigerCat fan forum site.

Now maybe he is lying to himself, in that case, come clean and state yourself as a fan, even quasi-fan. Time to come out of the closet if that's what you are.

RTH folk called me on a number of occasions a "concerned troll". And they may have been right, that's why I don't post there any longer.

I think he's an Als fan who wants to talk football with some TiCat fans. That's alright, innit?

True enough PiCat, that I can understand. Perhaps I should have asked him if he was a CFL fan in the first place. Niagara Als would suggest as such. I made a mistake me thinks. :oops: