Hamilton/Edmonton 7 pm (EST) start time.

I am taking a friend out at 8. We're going to a bar - he likes to drink, I don't drink at all. Fortunately, there will be a game for me to watch while he hits on the bartender. A Win-Win.

TSN play-by-play: Chris Cuthbert and Glen Suitor.

Referee: Kim Murphy

Weather: Mostly sunny 22 degrees, winds out of the west at 18 km/h.

Most people going against the season trend so far and choosing the Home Team.

Hardly surprising, I’m one of the 73%. Zach is still not back, Edmonton is still the defending champs, they haven’t gone completely downhill since the win last November, and Masoli runs hot and cold, often in the same game, he’s like a young Henry Burris…

Walked for 90 minutes - before and after church. By the time I was done, I was drenched. It is sooooo hot in Southern Ontario.

Like I mentioned above, I am meeting a friend for wings at a bar at 8. I'll watch the game there. Sure wish I wasn't going. Too old to go to a stupid bar. :thdn:

Waiting for my pizza. Place is like 5 minutes away but it always takes them 30+ minutes to get it here. Hope i don’t miss much.

Get used to it. Gonna be like this all week.

I know. :thdn: I just HATE the heat.

Secondary seems to be playing loose.

I don't want to BRAG but, using my new trimmer, I removed all my nose hair. Now, with the right angle, you can see all the way up to my pea brain.

Edmonton WRs putting on a show.

16 yard run fkr Reilly! Watson TD.

Eskimos are strong man, nice touch on the TD. 7-3 Edmonton


Hamilton looking outclassed. :thdn:

I’m getting on in age - forgot about the FG


Bowman, otherwise known as Too Tall, can't be brought down.

lol @ Suits looking for Pikachu.

I have no idea what all that stuff means. Do they get a prize?

Cuthbert puts the jinx on Reilly. FG. 10-3.