Hamilton @ Edmonton

Kavis took a timeout with 49 seconds left, the next play brought it to 28, a run brings the play clock to under 10 seconds...realistically probably around 5. You then let it run out and take a knee. oyy

I'm waiting for someone to pin the Esk loss on the command center and obvious TSN conspiracy :smiley:

i'm thinking back to Kavis Reed's decision to punt the ball at the end of the first half instead of trying to the FG.
wonder if the outcome would have been different?

What would have been the distance ?

I want to say, 40 yards.
The crowd was boooing the decision to punt instead of going for the FG. Even the announcers were puzzled by the move.

Have to kick 3, either have faith in your place kicker or find one that you will trust . Winnipeg did the same thing vs CGY last week and hurt the Bombers not getting 3!

It was more like 50 yards.

Anything inside 50 , you need to try it. Looks bad on the league if our Kickers can't be depended on . 50 and over is a bit dicey and big run back is a possibility .

I was totally shocked by how well that rookie D of the Ti-Cats did against the Esks last night. With all the changes that have been made due to injuries, I would have expected the Esks offence to roll right over them. Mike was outstanding last night, IMHO - okay maybe he took way too many hits, but he sprang back after every one and was ready for the next play. Up against the likes of Hank, Mike stood his ground. Had he had some help on the D and a bit more help from his receivers, the outcome would have been a win for the team. The Esks have to come out of the gate a lot quicker and maintain momentum. They let this one get away from them. Still it was a close game and the final quarter was so exciting to watch.

I thought bringing in Lefevour was inspired. The way the team had planned for his insertion at various times was so smooth. Seeing Hank grinnin' on the sidelines - you had to know this had been in the works.

On the other hand, the way Kavis handled bringing Crompton into the game was sloppy and demeaned Mike, IMHO. If you are going to yank your starter - at least let him know it is part of the plan. Big fail on Kavis.

Nice win for the Cats.

I was truly impressed with Mike last night. Hit after hit, slam after slam.......he bounces back and comes up with a good play. He did show great heart and determination in the game. The only time I saw him really rattled was on the sidelines when Kavis made that stupid move to bring Crompton in w/o bothering to tell his starter - but good old Mike took like a vet and worked hard to get his team in position for a win. There but for a FG, the Esks might have had the win.

Much needed.... now time to take the B2B games against the Peg.... a bye week to help, time for the Cats to make some noise!