Hamilton @ Edmonton

Time to get a GDT going......should be an interesting game, both offenses seem to be coming around, not sure what to expect in this one.

Hamilton is favoured by 3. I expect both QBs to have big games.

3 of 4 teams playing this week are 1-4 :roll:

Luckily, someone will be 2-4 after tonight.
I'm guessing it will be Edmonton, but i'll be cheering for Hamilton.

Actually Edmonton is favored by 3.

Ti-Cats 27
Eskies 20 Hopefully clear skies,no rain or monsoons this time.Poor Eskies had to play back to back monsoon games
Should be a competitive game,not much separating these two at this point,both need a win.Cats in a
close surprisingly entertaining game for two teams stuck at 1-4. :rockin:

Right you are! I expect it to be a close game. Hopefully, we'll see something special, but I won't hold my breath.

I will be completely shocked and appalled if Edmonton loses this game. Edmonton has a good defense and good d-line, Hamilton has nothing for defense other than Johnson, and an average to above average offense. If they score more than 21 points on our defense ill be shocked.

It is an important game for both teams, if Reilly plays well and comes out with a W at the end it does nothing but boost his confidence for the next game, hopefully he can play off his second half performance in Montreal and translate it into tonight, and maybe the rest of the season.

27-18 for Edmonton

Let's hope both teams improve this game .

Just moved over here for a moment from the Hamilton board. Bob Young was participating for the last 20 minutes. Nice to have an owner on the Board.

Thoughts on Lefevour coming in for the Cats? I'm surprised, for sure.

Austin involving the running game....say it ain't so coach!!! say it ain't so!

Be prepared to be shocked


I agree with the fans in attendance : Booooooooooo Kavis Reed, Boooooooooooooo

The Cats have put up 20+ in every game, other than the shutout that they did not show up for. The Eskimos have only held a team to under 20 once thus far this season...and tat was a 17-3 loss in a swimming pool where they gave up 14 3rd quarter points.

The Esks D is not doing nearly as well as last season.

Why the heck isn't Reilly behind center?
Reed shoulda been the first fired.
I hope he's the second.

Mission accomplished!!!!

:thup: :rockin: :thup: :rockin: :cowboy:

Why on earth did the Cats pass with 28 seconds left? Just stupid.

I have always said that I like QBs getting pulled for a series or 2 when the O is struggling. This is 2 weeks straight that the Eskimo O has looked way way better after doing so. This may be a sign that the Esks need a QB mentor/coach.

What a second half. Wow.
Reilly showed great heart and determination in this one.
He's coming along.

Entertaining game at Commonwealth.... 30-29 Hamilton final

Had Shaw made that field goal they could have blamed the loss on that play. Any running play and Edmonton likely runs out of time at mid field.

Clock management is horrible across the league this season.

Kudos to Riley he took quite the licking in the first half. You got to learn how to slide though Riley, or you are going to end up like Buck Pierce. QBs should not try to power through linemen.

Good to see the Tabbies win, but I think it's too soon and too close a game to say the team has turned a corner.