Hamilton @ Edmonton

Game kicks off in about 15 minutes. I'll be flipping between this one and the Colts game (gotta watch Peyton). I'm hoping the Esks win. I'd rather not finish 2-2 again. In fact, if I finish 2-2 again, I'm gonna start cheating. :lol:

Go Esks!

Nice time delay on that draw play. Drive ends; Prefontaine hitting the upright.........sigh

if the Esks defense allows this to continue, it’ll be a long day.

You mean you're going to start picking teams that have a shot at winning? :twisted: :lol:

wow, how quickly that turned into 7!

Nice finish to the Ti-Cat drive; 7-0 Hamilton

Hamilton actually scores on the first try from first and goal from the one, usually it takes four or five tries....

Eskimo's answer with a nice drive of their own with a TD; All tied up at 7 apiece

well that was a good drive for the Esks. some good plays called and a couple offsides, but they did capitalize.

Man, McCarty is really stepping up with Whitlock out. This is why I'd like Edmonton to use him more. We should be using Whitlock and McCarty like Calgary's using Reynolds and Cornish.

Chief, the Esks will not win if they can’t stop Glenn passing the ball.

that’s two TD’s on Two drives… and it really looked easy.

Hmmm....Baggs scores. Although the Esks are my #2 team, I must say that my 'Cats are looking okay.

Hall got gusty and lost, challenge however

oh oh... :o

Ti-Cats Score a TD! on a Fumble by McCarty

and the Refs got the challenge right as well.

WOW, Shakespeare is Money!

21-7...nice, but not unusual

I never said the Esks were going to win, only that Edmonton should use a more balanced running attack when Whitlock gets back.

no i know, I wasn't suggesting you made that prediction.. I was just stating an obvious situation :slight_smile:

Nice flow to the game I must say; Eskies score with a TD to cut the Hamilton lead to 7

Nice play by Barnes i believe they said it was. Nice easy TD for Stamps. :thup: