Hamilton/Edmonton Deal?

I was at the Ti-cat game last night, and was discussing a possibility for the Ti-cats to end their quarterback problem. They would play the rest of the season with the 3 guys they have now. Probably win no more than 3 games. But at the end of the year, when Lumsden is no longer at Seahawks Training Camp (I doubt he'll make the team just looking at depth.) So say he comes to the CFL. The Ti-cats then trade their First Round Pick (probably 1st overall) and runningback Troy Davis to Edmonton for Jason Maas. That way Edmonton gets their runningback they need, and Hamilton gets the quarterback they need. I don't know, just a thought tell me what you think..........

..........most probable QB for RB trade I can think of, good idea A04C.......

what do you guys say about a Maas/Edwards+someting/someone trade?

who were u cheering for at the ticat game....on guy seated near me, yelled 'arrrrgoooooooos' lol

i had all the fans there HATE'N ON ME...hahahaha

i was sitting first row behind the renegades bench next to a drunk guy who yelled argos a time or two. luckily no new I was an argo fan. that guy is an embarassment.

haha....so u cheered the ticats, then?

yeah, but not loud and prud. I wanted to see Brady do well.

Argonauts_04_Champs at the game: "GO ARGO-CATS!!!!!"

That would be a good trade, although both are free agents this offseason. I think The Eskies will re-sign Tucker and sign Troy Davis in the offseason. (I hope :smiley:)