Hamilton Economic Summit Stadium Debate


joe: Thanks! What a great service for people. Meredith is doing a great job.

Yeah, nothing new there other than Joe Mancinelli, head of LIUNA, can be added to the list of those that strongly support west harbour.

one person wrote people from Outside Hamilton don't want to go Crime Ridden down town.
I agree..
Personally I only go to downtown Hamilton when I have too .
I avoid it like Bubonic Plague or Ebola

no one wants to go downtown
There no parking
It crime Ridden
It's dirty
There no real good place to go down town anyways.

Build it near a Hwy who cares about down town Hamilton I don't


Haven't read that before. :roll:

One person wrote it would be good for downtown. :roll:

They Wrote this No one from Burlington or Oakvile wants to go to downtown.
But you can pretty much assume why
There nothing good about Downtown Hamilton.
There never will be
I'd take Wrecking ball to Entire downtown core.

I spent friday night in downtown Hamilton, not far from where the west harbor stadium will be built. Had a great dinner at a great restaurant and then spent 2 hours visiting a number of art gallaries and shops on James north. Had a great time, met a number of interesting folks and at no time felt in danger. I'm not sure what the negative comments on downtown Hamilton are based on. I sometimes feel that the rowdies at Ticat games are more to fear than anything in downtown Hamilton.

You never been Mugged then I was at bar with a Date .
We left and starting heading to my Car about 3 block over from King and James.
When we where held up Mugged
I was Knock on the back of the head with the gun
My head need 110 Stitches to close the cuts
To this Day I Detest The downtown core.

I'm sorry that happened to you, but these things happen elewhere too. LimeRidge Mall, Stoney Creek etc.

I feel somewhat safe in East end where IWS and West end where mac is
Everywhere else I don't feel safe in Hamilton
Triple the police force and may I will feel better
But Hamilton don't have money for that we all know it

Oknight is right, avoid the downtown, investing one dime for a new stadium there is like throwing money into the wind.

Doc: So that's it then? Just throw your hands in the air and walk away from the situation?

Don't future generations deserve better? At least the stadium has the potential to spur things on.
And for 60 million it's a steal.

From what I have seen of the next Generation
They do not need anymore They Spoiled Already
Frankly They are a Disappointment so the heck with them
they said the Generation X was Spoiled

Generation y is even Worse
it Generation X's Fault for Spoiling the kids
we can't fix it by Building a Stadium in Crime Riden City
I say let Them fend for them Self as We had too.
It's time for them to sink or Swim.

LOL!! Stop man, you're killin' me here! This is hilarious. I hope you were shaking your fist as you typed that! Those young whipper-snappers, they don't know the first thing about work....

Hey -- get to the part where you walked to school uphill, both ways.

The best way to rid the downtown of crime, be it real or percived is to take it back by populating it will good decent people going about their business. It's our city and we should never let a criminal element control our ability to enjoy it. I will never become a prisoner in my own house or my own city.

I don't even know why I bother reading what you say anymore.

Makaveli The is Reason I feel the way I do
Behind Pistol whipped by kid was no fun

That's right. And I remember the police saying the perception is worse than the reality.

Hamilton, and downtown, is a safe place. Statistics bear that out, and Onknight's unfortunate experience is exaclty why anecdotal evidence is not a true representation and should not be used as a basis for any standard.

I lived in Hamilton 50 years ago when downtown was safe, bustling with activity and there was lots to do.
After I moved away I saw on my occasional trips back there how it was deteriorating to the point where it is now.
I am back much more often now and even though I know we can't turn the calendar back, I see the beginnings of a new type of downtown. Art galleries on James North? Scenic walks along the West Harbour? Etc. I would never have believed you way back then.
But in my lifetime I would love to see progress being made to clean up the brownfields and vacant areas along Barton St West and new commercial investment downtown.
More box stores and strip malls will appear on the Mountain whether or not there is a stadium. But how often does a project like the Pan-Am games come along and provide 100 million for an area of the city that many people have written off?

Maybe if I had been mugged I would feel the same way as you do but my memories and experiences have been different. So that's why I defend the West Harbour site so strongly.
Every project in every city has it's detractors. But in the cities where there has been downtown revitalization, its the positive and optimistic viewpoints that have prevailed in the long run. They had a vision.
I don't see Hamilton as being any different.
Things look bleak right now for the Caretaker being part of this but I am keeping my fingers crossed for some way of keeping my beloved Tiger-Cats in the city.
PS: From my file of great quotes..."The opportunity was there. It just never presented itself." I don't want to hear that in 2015.

I'm sorry that happened to you but people are mugged everywhere whether you feel safe in suburbia or not. The neighbourhood west of Fruitland Road between Barton and Highway 8 experienced a series of break-in robberies last year. Are these criminals are any less desperate or dangerous than those operating downtown?