Hamilton. Doesn't this remind you of a dysfunctional family?

The father, named Fred, no matter what happens you can't change his mind, and only takes care of his personal interests.
The mother, the West Harbour, sitting there waiting for her husband to make something happen and has to take whatever is given to her even if it doesn't fit.
Children, the council members, bullied and manipulated by their father into doing whatever he says, believing he's right.
The Golden Child/ Black Sheep, Bob Young, who has left town and made good. This child has returned to the family to help it out of the situation they are in. Already, investing time and money into the family business and simply wants Dad to be happy but sees what Dad is doing is damaging the whole family and making the whole family look really bad to the rest of the neighbours.
The Neighbours: That's us folks we can see what's going on and are getting tired of it.
Children's Aid: Hostco of the PanAm Games Can ultimately intervene with this family and get the kids away from this abusive father.
So the the Golden Child knows Dads not going to budge and gets people to try and help Dad see that he needs to rejig his thinking and try a different approach. The Golden Child wants Dad to give Mom what she needs while letting the family grow in other ways.
Dad, puts the Golden Child down to everyone who will listen and tries to paint him a a black sheep.
Fortunately the neighbours see the father for what he is and start to talk to the other children helping them see that basically Dad's taking care of his personal interests and doesn't care if there's a really good idea that could help things.
Some of the kids realize this and try to tell Dad that what he is doing isn't the best for the family.
You guessed it Dad doesn't listen.
The Children's Aid get wind of this and ask to speak to Dad........
To be continued..........

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BoxJ, sounds like a good plot line for a sit-com. Might be a bit unbelievable to most people though! Afterall in the real world, stuff like that doesn't happen, does it? Of course you could always present it as a comedic sc-fi show. :wink:

I wonder what the next episode is going to be...ohhhhh I hate cliff hangers! :roll:

8) Did you ever get an explanation as to why you couldn't use your old username ???

No I haven't, I'd love to know why, as I registered to secure it again like I was asked.


Way to go, Bill Lankhoff! He's nailed the entire situation. This one deserved it's own thread.

Welcome to Loserville
Only Hamilton could mess things up so badly for Hamilton

[url=http://www.torontosun.com/sports/columnists/bill_lankhof/2010/08/17/15045881.html]http://www.torontosun.com/sports/column ... 45881.html[/url]

By BILL LANKHOF, Toronto Sun

Normally I think Bill is a d*#k, however I think he’s hit this one right on the head. :thup:

Mayor Mc Cheese and city “clowncil” should read this article…and think about the implications.

?This Billetnikoff thinks the City of Hamilton is passing up free money? Our taxes are suppose
to pay for this Pan American travesty whether it’s in the West Harbour or the East Mountain and
continue to pay for associated costs for years to come?.... just to maintain it and he calls it
passing up free money? Sounds like he’s been drinking some of Bob’s Kool-Aid. (The West
Harbour site or even worse the East Mountain site, would need millions upon millions in
Municipal infrastructure capital.) Since the East Mountain location basically sits in a barren field
in the middle of “no-man’s? land right now, the Municpal costs to have the area ready by 2015
would divert all capital infrastructure upgrades away from the areas in our city most needy. This
particular East Mountain area site isn’t scheduled for at least another 10 years. But, I guess the
“free money? from McGuinty and Harper will pay for that too, eh Billetnkhof? Nothing to do
with us federal and provincial taxpayers eh? Moron! It certainly won’t be your Uncle Bob
paying the way. .
So Merulla references the city coffer and let’s us know that there’s $1.3 million going out and
nothing coming back into the actual coffer. The City of Hamilton is tens of millions in debt, the
province is in billions of debt, and the Country is in.... well just ask Billitinkof. He pretends to
know a lot.
Billitnakov states that the poor have always been among us and we should continue to let it
happen since it “always will be?. He includes that, hey the Maple Leafs make money off the
masochist fans and nobody says boo, so why can’t the Tiger-Cats make profits off the backs of

Our Federal Government is $500 Billion in debt with 40 billion a year spent just on interest
payments. That's roughly about $1,000 a year that you and I pay just on interest payments alone.
McGuinty’s billion dollar scandals have added that much more to the $162.9 Billion that Ontario
is faced with. The City of Hamilton is faced with completing 6 major infrastructure projects at a
$28 million cost with no senior government funding unless completed on time. Our City is
already in the ten’s of millions in debt, yet Bob wants to have his cake and eat it too at yours and
my expense.
Bob’s proposal of 7,000 parking spots at an East Mountain location is double the parking spots
available at Limeridge Mall. (That's a big area that we can't build on in 10 years and generate
new tax revenues also). I know how far I stay away from Limeridge Mall at Christmas time.
Is 7,000 spots really the answer for the vast number of fans from Hamilton who actually live
close by IWS and walk to games? Or the vast numbers who drive 10 minutes and walk another 5-
10 minutes to get to Ivor Wynne? I think Bob has his “export reports? from “sports marketing"
types confusing the CFL and Hamilton’s CFL fan demographics with the NFL or the Toron%@ Make

Sam Merulla’s ideas actually makes a lot of sense. We can spend $20 Million to upgrade IWS or
waste $200 Million to build a stadium that might attract a few thousand more for a couple of
years before the novelty wears off and we get stuck with a BMO Field and all the associated and
incremental debts. (Yahoo, but at least we get soccer and Country Music concerts for awhile.
How do I roll my eyes on here?)
The Engineering reports have been complete on Ivor Wynne and with minimal maintenance it
will last another 40 plus years. The stadium isn’t 80 years old, only the location is. The entire
North side was rebuilt in 1970. McMahon Stadium in Calgary is older and so is Montreal’s
Stadium at McGill University. The only major recommendation was replacing the concrete slabs
on the south side. Heck, even the reports from a few years ago stated Ivor Wynne can
accommodate another 75 private boxes on the South side. I suggest putting in multi-level
parking on the Brian Timmis site with the addition of a bar/restaurant and relocation on site of
the Hall of Fame.

Good article, opinionated but opinionated in the true direction of this mess.

Synthcat, I can understand the IWS argument but Bob will not play out of IWS, if he isn't going to sign a lease there after 2011, I don't think the city should be spending any money on upgrading IWS.

20 million ! Where do people get stuff like that. The city's own numbers are 95 million to renovate IWS.

The money will be spent anyway so might as well grab it and have it spent in you municipality.

You got to love "the fixers" they can't see one inch past their nose but can tell you what is wrong in Africa somewhere.

Let me know when your taxes go down.... Fools....

Good article...That will be Mayor Fred's legacy...141 years of tradition destroyed by Hamilton City council...Well done City of Hamilton!!

They can always use the stadium afterwards to host the World lawn darts championship, or the World Turtle racing championship!!

I love his opening lines

There’s one good thing to say about Hamilton and its city council:

If Barnum and Bailey had clowns like this

they’d never have had to fold the Big Top in the Greatest Show On Earth.


The only difference is that in the political arena

the clowns hide behind obfuscation instead of face paint.

The sad thing is Mayor Fred got half of Hamilton so confused
about the purpose of the Pan Am games that they think

that their purpose is different in Hamilton,

here they HAVE TO stimulate our downtown and the West Harbour.


The purpose of the Pan Am games is to provide legacy sports facilities
which stimulate athletic activity from the youth level to the elite level

all over the Golden Horseshoe, long after the Pan Am Games are over.

The Tiger Cats were going to operate a soccer academy
at the stadium year round to train our youth so that

some of them become high performance soccer players

[ and once there was hope of training track and field athletes. ]

8) An excellent article for sure, just proving once again how screwed up this mayor and his councillors are !!
 Hamilton continues to be the laughing stock of Canada.

 But then again, what else is new ??

 And some people wonder, WHY ???        <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Well stated ron... this isn't the Pan Am Downtown Revitalizationathon. I think the Mayor and Council need to be reminded of the objectives of the project.

Apparently so does half of the city

You can all say what you want … but i do say one thing about the mayor …i don’t care if he is right or wrong … he’s trying to nail 2 birds with one stone and so are some of the city council and so is the thinking of some of the residents …

No one has stated that the stadium was the “perfect” choice for helping to re-vitalize an area of the city but it’s not the worst and this is what the city has to work with so they went in with that thinking …

Is it the best choice for the cats … i don’t know … maybe not … but hey the city is trying to do whats best for the city …gotta commend them for that considering Hamilton’s way is to ignore an eyesore and let it get worse and rot for years and years till something falls apart.

just watch and see how long IWS will just sit there and rot after all is gone there … just don’t walk too close to it those lights could come down any moment …

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Actually Ryck the stadium is the worst idea for revitalizing the North End. It would be a bad idea even if the feds and province paid the entire bill. This isn't even about whether the Cats play there or not. A stadium on that site would make the immediate area uninhabitable OR the stadium would sit empty and create a new ghetto

WHY ... cause there is houses around .. the roads are small?

a stadium will make it uninhabitable ??? HAHAHAHAHAHA good one