Hamilton doesnt deserve Hall of fame

AFter lasts night dismal crowd, I have concluded that the city of Hamilton does not deserve the Hall of fame.

Hall of fame, and the Hall of fame game should be moved to Regina or Edmonton.

...what?!...move a national institution from Upper Canada to the frontier?....unheard of....

"Deserving" is subjective. IMO, Hamilton are as deserving as any other fans...

The few hamilton fans that showed up last night are deserving, but the whole city is not.

...the fans that show up in other cities are also deserving, whereas the entire city may not be...

yeah, but those edmonton and regina have way way more deserving fans, and I expect the whole cities on the whole to be more deserving as well.

...in your opinion.

I am disgusted by the pathetic crowd last night and no longer have a warm spot in my heart for hamilton and the ticat. I will still cheer for them as long as bob young is owner, then I dont care if they even have a team.

Bob selling the ticats to Ottawa would work for me.

Would love cheering for the Ottawa Ticats.

isnt that true about just about everything most of us post???

What do you expect? When your the worst team in the league for 4 out of 5 years crowds are going to get smaller by game…and now its hit its low…every team goes though there drought…do you expect every1 to come to the game just to clap at halftime for a cheap HOF presentation…the team will get back on its feet…not this year…but it will happen and crowds will be like it was in 2004 when we averaged a sell-out every game…trust me…ti-cat fans are dying just dying for this team to be successful…

....do you expect every1 to come to the game just to clap at halftime for a cheap HOF presentation...
again, I expected all so called cfl fans in and around hamilton to come out to show respect and appreciation to the inductees and Lancaster for all the entertainment they were provided by these people over the yrs, and their contributions to the CFL in many ways.

...would the HOF game be played in Regina, there's no way I'd go for the sole purpose of "show[ing] respect and appreciation" to former players/builders...I go for the game, and don't buy into hall of fame hype one iota...I expect many others share the same sentiment, or the attendance would have been higher.

Of course, by your definition, now Regina is also undeserving of the Hall of Fame too, I expect.

so, let me understand correctly. If for some reason you decide to not go to all games and then one of the games you planned to stay home was t he game the night after Ron died, you would still not go if you could?

Are you also saying if this weekends game was hall of fame with same inductees, and if you were only going to a few games during the yr, this would not be one of them, regardless of who the other team was??

If I had planned to stay home, then no, I would not go simply because of a tribute. You are attempting to deliberately twist my words - I would suggest you stick with the words that are written there instead.

Tributes/hall of fame/whateverthenewspecialeventmaybe plans by teams do not impact my attendance at the games.

yes that is what i am saying, football fans go to games to see football…not for the purpose of “paying respect” to the HOF inductees…and most of the CFL fans in hamilton are Ti-cat fans…and the ones that didnt go to the game…were the ones tired of seeing the team lose…i still go to games…but i no i just get so frustrated when i see the ti-cats lose…because they are my favourite team and what them to win…the people that did not attend the game knew they were gunna lose and didnt wanna be there to see it…

besides…half the people in any stadium use halftime as a time to use the facilities and have a cigarette and buy drinks, food etc. anyways…

in other words, as a die hard fan of the CFL, you feel no need to show respect, honour and gratitude to those that have provided so much to your entertainment and to the league. No needs to come out and say thanks. Not even for Lancaster if he was the inductee? Not even to honour his memory in his passing?

You dont think Flutie deserves some show of apprecition for coming to Canada when he didnt really need to, for sticking around as long as he did, for putting as much effort into his play as he did, for entertaining as well as he did, and for continueing to speak well of the CFL to this day, when he doesnt have to?

You dont think Pinball deserves it? Or do you hate pinbal because he is Christian?

I am a fan of football - don't care who plays. I've met very few professional players, and don't much care if I ever meet more. I have respect for what they do, and show it in my own way, but I see no need to make some a big production out of things.

I didn't know Lancaster whatsoever. His death is no more tragic than that of loved ones I've had - they, I mourn for, as they were an integral part of my life and helped to shape it.

Why should I show appreciation to a professional player for making a career choice? (By the way, when's the last time you congratulated a teacher, nurse, doctor, whatever for making a career decision?...just to put it into some perspective...)

They could abolish the Hall of Fame, and I wouldn't care one bit. Abolishing the game, however, would disappoint me. I'd live, and find other things to do for those few hours a week I watched the game previously.

Incidentally, what does someone being a Christian have anything to do with this argument at all? And please don't presume to know why I would or would not dislike someone...your comments show that you have no idea what I'm made of, and in this case, I'm rather thankful for that. (Hey, if you can give a slap on the face, so can I...)

you have no idea how often I thank people for doing what they do and being you they are. Specially my childrens private school teachers who could make more money elsewhere and who are more conerned about our kids than their pockets books and show it everyday.

As for my Christian comment. I have noticed quite often how you are quick to attack certain christian based opinions on various subjects. You have made it pretty clear to me that you are at not in tune with christianity.

...you've made it pretty clear you have no idea what you're talking about when it comes to my beliefs. Religion has nothing to do with this whatsoever. Please keep the topic what it actually is, rather than trying to attack someone's beliefs because they don't agree with you on a completely unrelated matter.

it ws quite on topic. Pinball is very strong born again christian and makes no effort hide that from anyone. He talks about it enough to where I can see christian haters disliking him for it. It was very relevant to topic. There is no other reason for a true CFL fan who has been entertained by Pinball to not want to pay tribute to him and express honour, respect and appreciation. Specially when all one has to do is go to a specific football game.