Hamilton cuts QB Williams

I think Williams has more of an upside than Printers, or Glenn. Here’s hoping the Riders give Williams a sniff.

I don't know if Williams has as much of an upside as Durant or Bell. Personally, I think Williams has more of an upside than Jyles, but I don't think that the Rider brass would agree with me.

I'm not sure how a QB who was third string in Hamilton last year, and now not even good enough to be third string in Hamilton this year, is so attractive to anyone, let alone us, with 3 qbs of our own his age or younger.

I am 99.9% sure we won't bring Williams to camp. That said, I like Richie and think he could add competition at camp and rank as high as #2. Let Bell sit on the PR. Williams doesn't have any of the negatives that bringing in Glenn or Printers had. I think Hamilton made a mistake, but I believe that screwy sidearm delivery scares people away.

Arius, you never know, that delivery could scare people away.

We should have traded Kitwana Jones to Hamilton for Richie Williams and th- . . . . . . Oh wait! Nevermind.

Williams would make a great back up for any team. He almost turned chicken shit into chicken salad in Hammer with basically nothing to work with.

If he was that good, they would have kept him.

He wasn't that good for one thing, neither was Printers aka Sir Fumble alot, Captain Interception, the Ego trip, and the Sick Bay pirate. Also, we're not interested in RB's who can throw anymore (Williams, Printers), we're more looking for pocket passers with a strong arm and precision pass (Porter)

He's not coming here! No Way no how! He's good and that's exactly why we WON'T bring him here!

Now that Winnipeg has cut Williams in favor of Bishop, is it worth bringing him here? Is he an upgrade from Jyles?

Most will say if he can't make the cut in Hamilton or Winnipeg, he ought to be flipping burgers. But I liked what I saw of him in Hamilton.

I like Jyles much better then Williams, I can't believe how Kelly can release a guy that is far better then his wanna be starter in Lefores, this Lefores guy is pathetic and does not deserve to play in this league, Kelly isn't very bright :roll:

yeah ok.. :roll:

We have too many QB's as it is and they likely won't cut one of the few with actual game experience in the CFL.