Hamilton Country Club!

The problem in Hamilton is the country club environment instilled by Bob young and company! The Argos fire Austin after a few bad games with no starting QB. Hamilton keeps PaoPao after half a season of the worst offence ever put in front of paying customers! More evidence of this attitude is our special teams performance. Ever since Erdman arrived with Marshall our special teams have been horrendous. Every missed field goal is a touch down waiting to happen for the other team, blocked punts, and lets not forget how he transformed the CFL’s best punt return man into an average Joe! How else can you explain so much CFL talent going to ruins when they show up here? Cut the crap it’s not the players, hire an experienced CFL GM and let him fire the entire coaching staff and start over!

All good points, LEO1!

Well said Leo1 except for one point. They have changed the blocking rules on kicks this year and that is why I don't think anyone has had a return for a TD yet. Hence Homes will not be as effective this year.

lancaster and pao pao are two of the biggest problems…no imagination on offence and stubborness in not switching quarterbacks when necessary…maas is not comfortable starting…he’s better when he can see whats going on from the sidelines and then coming in…