Hamilton controls playoff destiny after win over Riders

HAMILTON– With their 18-14 win over the Saskatchewan Roughriders, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats now control their own path to the playoffs.

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Ticats lose in Calgary while Riders on bye week,then advantage Riders again. RedBlacks will win 1 of last 2 with Ticats, then Riders only need to split with Calgary,probably Riders win at home,thats unless they make Cody scapegoat before then

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The Cats almost done without Dunbar. Glad, that Johnson and Hills stepped up to secure an offensive win for the team. Phew :partying_face:!

Ticats only need to win one of the games against the Redblacks because the Riders are going to get swept by Calgary.


Have to agree. The big problem the Riders have is it looks very likely the Stamps have to sweep Riders to take 2nd place. Especially if the Lions beat the Argos tomorrow. Even so BC gets the Elks & have a game in hand. Stamps lost the season series so have to win more games than BC. Very likely they need those 2 games with the Riders as much as the Riders do. And Ottawa has nothing to play for.

The Riders are in trouble - they needed this game. Does anyone really think the Riders have the game to beat the Stamps? This is a team which has lost 9 of the last 11 games & 5 in a row. The OL can’t stop the rush & the DL can’t stop the run. Not good.:sunglasses:


Yeah. For some reason GM Jeremy O’Day made the decision before the season started to provide Craig Dickenson with sub-par linemen on both sides of the ball. Saskatchewan has been outclassed in the trenches.

Calgary is going to ‘run over them’ two weeks from now.

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Sorry to hear your Bombers couldn’t get Lawler due to his injury. (No, not being sarcastic :smiley:) Looks like that had been in the works for weeks. Would have been a great add for the stretch run & benefitted both teams.


Yeah. Especially if Greg Ellingson can’t make it back in time for the playoffs. He’s still on the 6-game injured list darn it all. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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Am I mistaken? Didn't Hamilton "control their own path to the playoffs" by winning out even before last night's game?

Good point.
And the classic definition of destiny is of a future outcome that cannot be changed regardless of your influence so it is a contradiction.
Alas, language changes.

Unless Calgary decides to rest some starters in their second match.

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No. Prior to last nights game, Hamilton had 4 wins and 4 games left. They could get to a max of 8 wins if they won out. Saskatchewan had 6 wins and 3 games left. They could get to a max of 9 wins if they won out. Now that the Riders have lost a game, they both can get to a max of 8 wins. Hamilton has the tie breaker because the cross over rules states that the team crossing over has to have more wins.

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From the start of this game, it appeared that the Cats controlled the play - but far too often after a great play to turn over the ball, the referees made a couple of very questionable calls that allowed Sask. to put points on the board. At times the referees were so confused they couldn't explain their own calls. THIS IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH - for such important games.

Now on the downside for the Cats - Evans is still throwing too many high risk passes - but he did come through in the end - so GREAT GAME Dane!

That is true but I can’t see that happening unless BC locks up second. Which could happen. BC needs a combination of 3 wins or Calgary loses to clinch 2nd. 70% chance they beat Toronto (who has an 0-4 record against western play off teams and have been outscored 46-118 in those games). They will likely beat Edmonton. So all they need to do is win one of their two games left against Winnipeg. Winnipeg on the other hand only needs to win one of their games against BC to lock up 1st. So they may be resting players for the second game against BC.

That’s a lot of pieces that need to fall in the Riders favour. I wouldn’t bet much on that happening. May have a better chance of winning the 649 jackpot than the Riders making the play offs.

BC is going to win the next three which will clinch second for them by the last game.

What questionable calls? You mean the one where the Hamilton defender hip checks the Rider reciever 30 yards down the field and no call?

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that was Simoni’s fault, no?

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