Hamilton caught cheating

Maybe the problem is too many American coaches. It's a scary thought to this American that Andrew Harris' career might have been very different if he had played for head coaches other than Wally Buono and Mike O'Shea. Imagine if Mike Sherman had been the coach in BC in 2010. Maybe what the CFL needs is more Canadian head coaches.

As a life-long Minnesotan I can say that my interest in hockey had a real boost the night that the Minnesota North Stars started an NHL game with six Minnesota players on the ice for the face-off. I can't say that they were the best players to start the game, but it made a statement to the fans.


I agree, its a plague.

...or reduce it to 5 Canadian starters and 2 American starters who swear to become Canadian someday (as long as we get it in writing).

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Cheaters, cheaters, cheaters! :grinning:

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