Hamilton caught cheating

I think now you are right. Ijust deleted my post as you wrote this.

There is always a different standard for poor Toronto.. darling of no one.. saved only by the notion of attracting big corporate sponsorships for the league..

The Ricky Ray trade.. Chad Owens 2012 MOP in a season where he fumbled more than he scored..

The organization is a dumpster fire every 3 years but somehow manages to snag a Grey Cup every 5 to 8 years..


Okay what am I missing here ? If Banks is replacing a Canadian then why does a Canadian have to replace Banks ? It seems to me to be just a tad redundant to have to replace a Canadian with an American then turn around and replace an American with a Canadian . :thinking:

So looking at it further with Banks now being declared Canadian replacing Ciraco you would still have technically 7 starting Canucks .

5 on offence....Van Zeyl , Woodmansey , Revenberg , Ungerer and Banks
2 on defence...Laurent , Adeleke .

If I'm reading it right Banks replacing Ciraco is okay. According to the rules an American can replace an injured Canadian if he's been in the CFL for 4 years or been with the team for 3. However if Banks got hurt in that situation you would either need a Canadian or an American who had the same level of service.

I would hate to have the job of checking all the players. You wouldn't be able to watch a game for enjoyment purposes any longer. You'd be constantly checking players out of habit.

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If he is now considered Canadian then a Canadian needs to replace him on plays. He was replaced by an American which then left us short 1 Canadian. Banks should have been replaced by STE or Turnowski

Because Banks qualifies as a replacement for a Canadian. If he replaces Ciraco and then Papi White replaces Banks, White then effectively replaces Ciraco and White does not meet the veteran status qualifications to do so. If you were to allow it, it would completely defeat the purpose of the rule in the first place.

This is clearly a kink in the new rule that needs to be ironed out. It's doubtful it was intentional, since it can be hard to keep track of which American players are playing as Canadians at any given time. I also doubt the first infraction came on the final day of the regular season.

Penalizing the player is ridiculous, since it is not up to the players to keep track of the number of Canadians on the field. It is a coaching error. A fine is an appropriate penalty.

Perhaps an easier system would just be to designate veteran players who qualify as Nationals. Then we know when Banks comes out, a National must go in. Either that or scrap the rule altogether, and go back to considering veteran Internationals as Internationals.


Some have suggested suspending the coach and player which is ridiculous. An illegal substitution penalty would be suffice


That is already the system. The big question is, which official has the job of keeping track and why didn't this official catch it?

My understanding is when Banks is in the starting line-up, he doesn't count toward the number of National players, and may be replaced by an International. But if he goes in to replace a Canadian, which he is eligible to do, he must then be replaced by a Canadian.

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As I continue to read this thread about this silly unfair rule, which is unclear at best and appears to be rarely caught or enforced. I can only hope that there are a few more converts to my position that the rule be scrapped entirely.


I thought Canadian bacon was the term Americans used for back bacon, and therefore they are one and the same thing. I stand to be corrected.

If a bacon decal on a helmet is actually not a terrible suggestion to assist with the enforcement of this rule, shouldn’t the rule be axed?

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Exactly. :+1:

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And my point was that the rule is confusing, and I would prefer they either make veterans like Banks full-fledged Nationals, or drop the new rule completely.

Agree. :+1:

It's too confusing. The 7 starters rule itself is too confusing even without this new (and in my opinion completely unnecessary) wrinkle.

The coaching staff knows exactly how their ratio breaks down and who comes in if any of their player is injured.

The issue is if a team purposely fakes an injury to take advantage of the loophole

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I will give Hamilton the benefit of the doubt in that nobody is faking an injury.

More likely, the Ti-Cats know someone has no chance of playing effectively for more than 1 series. Yet, they start him anyway fully aware they plan on replacing him with American during the game.

New rule is meant to insert an American veteran when a Canadian player is injured during the game. Ti-Cats are using the rule to replace a player who coming into the game is already injured.

It's taking advantage of a poorly written rule.
I don't know of any competitive sport where people don't try to exploit the rule book.

Reminds me of Tom Higgins. Used to use the old fake injury on the field all the time as a coach. Becomes the head rules for the league and one of the first things he changed was the out for three downs if injured on field.

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Out for 3 downs has been around since about 1981. I remember when that rule change was made when I was a kid.

But agree, the Tiger-Cats are totally allowed to exploit the rule that permits Banks to sub in for an injured Canadian. They just messed up and switched to Papi White. It's on the league to catch them ... IN GAME. Otherwise a fine is a small price to pay to get extra Americans on the field during a playoff game or Grey Cup.

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It is my understanding that each team has to start 3 Americans who have at least something like (5 years in the league)? Requested by the CFLPA to hopefully increase players staying with one team longer. These are the players (like Banks) who can replace an injured Canadian starter. That's my understanding, but I can be corrected if that isn't the case.