Hamilton caught cheating

They are getting off easy with a fine. They should have lost any points in the standings acquired in those 4 games.

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I think they should lose all their draft picks in 2022...this is unforgivable

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Don’t see how it was 4 games as they only refer to last week’s game.

Funny but there was a thread regarding this not long ago. Supports my theory that there are no in game penalties for violating this rule. Would like to know what they exactly did and why it took so long for the league to deal with it and why the punishment was relatively light.

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This should be noted, and fines applied. But in reality, hard to believe it was intentional, it was a nothing game, nothing on the line except pride of a win. No real harm to the Riders.
Good to know people are watching.


This rule should absolutely be removed for the post season. The league is setting itself up for controversy it does not need.

Please explain deeper, not sure what you mean

Yup . It's almost as unforgivable as the powerhouse regular season Stamps actually losing to a .500 regular season Anchor team and an under .500 REDBLACK team in back to back Grey Cups . :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

My view is that the rule should be removed permanently as I have stated before. This just helps my arguments. It took six days for them to notice and deal with this supposed violation and I doubt any fan in the country caught it. Why even have the rule when it is never flagged and results in no meaningful penalty? What if they notice a breach six days after the Grey Cup? Are they going to come and pick up the Cup? Pure silliness.

Another nice tempered reasonable response.

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A fine is no incentive for the team not to do it again. Doesn't matter if it's Hamilton or anyone else. If a team is caught doing this, the player who was illegally on the field should be suspended for three games (first team infraction), six games (second team infraction), and entire season (third infraction + hefty team fine).

The only way to convince teams not to do this is to hit them where it hurts: the on-field product.

But then you are penalizing the player for his HC's corruption and the player who fakes the injury gets off free.

The only way to prevent this is to get ride of this exemption.

That's a good point. The HC should be suspended for a game, and both the player faking and the player on the field get three games. Make it such a dire punishment that no one will risk it.


Still waiting for the Argos coaching cap sanctions.

They must be waiting till the offseason.


It's sketchy as hell, I agree, but within the legal rules and not enforceable. They really ought to get rid of the "consultant" thing. It just lends itself to abuse.

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What the article meant by exploiting a rule is the Ti-Cats have been starting a Canadian, playing him for one series, removing him due to injury, and then having an American replace him for the remaining part of the game while adding no other Canadian elsewhere in the lineup.

Ti-Cats have done this exact thing 3 times this year. A 4th time will likely occur on Sunday.

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You sure about that?

Merritt Bowden is still coaching but no longer on their website.

Bear Woods was put on the 6 game and hasn't played a game. Clearly coaching. Doesn't count towards any cap.

And 2 coaches left the team due to MLSE (not CFL) vaccination policy and they were allowed to replace them.

Within the rules is a stretch. Jones was just the icing on the cake.

I didn't know about any of that. That's very disappointing. There can't be one standard for Toronto and another standard for other teams.

I will say that teams have been hiding players on the 6-game (or 9-game back in the day) since the bronze era. Everyone does it.

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When they put this rule in I wondered when this would happen. Not a good look on the cats.

Not sure why they just don't go back to some 5 year rule where 1 player just counts as a Canadian. Period.
Promotes players and teams keeping a star in place.

Probably the PA that is all Canadian players that's against it.

Why wouldn't they? Bob Young would not care less about a tiny CFL fine, if it gets his team to the GC. I doubt they are even collected.

That's what I mean about punishing the on-field product. Rich owners aren't going to care about a fine. But the bad optics of a head coach and 2 players being suspended, maybe at a crucial time of year, for ratio violations, would definitely get their attention.

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