Hamilton @ Calgary

Grey Cup rematch. I hope this game is more entertaining than the last Grey Cup. I know Hamilton came back, but it was too little too late.

I put in an order with Domino’s. Pizza and football! :smiley:

Thankfully... no Rod Black!

domino's! domino's!

trust an eskimo's fan to prefer Domino's :stuck_out_tongue:

Don't they have any GOOD pizza in Ont?

Welcome back Chief! It's a new season with a new town and new chapter in life for me too.

Can't help it. Domino's has the best deals. Pizza Pizza and Pizza Hut have garbage deals.

That turned around in a hurry. Just as I was thinking, "Here we go again," Bo Levi throws a pick six.


Sears with the INT TD

The pick six aside, Hamilton's D hasn't looked great. Calgary seems to be getting whatever it wants.


Great return by Banks. So far this game is a lot more entertaining than the last Grey Cup.

Pretty entertaining game so far, lots of big plays.

I agree. And then again Calgary seem to be doing themselves in now with some awful mistakes anyway.

McDaniel did not continue his route as Mitchell misread him for the pick-6 by Sears, who otherwise was burned on that touchdown catch later by Calgary's Rogers. And to your point, it was not close for Sears as otherwise Mitchell had all the time in the world for that throw with the fine work by Calgary's offensive line.

Then on that punt return for TD by Hamilton's Banks, two Stampeders miss what looked to me like average or easy coverage tackles as the other guys could not shed blocks. There is little no margin of error to cover Banks, but those guys on the Stamps' punt team were downright slack and sloppy to make Banks look that much better.

Suitor said it on the broadcast just as I started typing.
With the rule changes this year, I can see Speedy B winning the MOP award this year.

The only negative about this game is the number of penalties. Clean it up, guys.


Way to jinx it guys, it's gotten worse since you mentioned it.

BIG stop by the Cats!!!!

The Game Tracker has the score at 15-10 but the Gamecast has it at 10-7 for Calgary. :lol:

That was a pretty soft 15 yarder on Calgary, and I'm rooting for the Ticats.

I hope Fantuz is OK, but that was a great play by Jackson.