Hamilton @ Calgary

Well, I’m 1-0 to start the week (though I wanted Toronto to win). Let’s hope the Stamps can make it 2-0. :thup:

This should be a close game.

I'm hoping the Cats make another statement in this game....GO CATS!!

Wow.... lonely on this board. All the action is on the Ticat board... where IS everyone?

I'm watching. Felt like the Argos coulda won. I really need the stamps to get back on track. I like arthur getting sone touches

A block?!? Are you kidding me?!? Don't like the penalty either

No endzone is safe from Stala's celebrations!!! :lol:

Anderson is right to be mad! Uggg. Is this game on nfln?

I think Huff needs to play his starters for the full 60 minutes. This team needs a win.

Should be interesting to see how Drew Tate does in real game action against one of if not the best defense in the league

Hamilton doesn't get beat by other teams. They beat themselves. But Calgary can't execute. Good challenge

How bad has the QBing been in Hamilton? These records don't seem that impressive... :expressionless:

I agree. Especially how old and how much success the cats have had.

Rj needs some catches to get some confidence back!

Being a stamps fan is tough sometimes when they show stamps blatently cheating

He's across the line and he's down by contact before the ball comes out. That's a TD. 34-10.

Calgary is getting all the calls tonight!

Nice to see the Calgary players supporting Smith. :thup:

Yikes! This game is uglier than a size 12 bowling shoe.

I switched to the Lakers game. :lol: