Hamilton @ Calgary

This should be an interesting game to watch:

HAMILTON-- they should have a decent running game with Lumsden,Holmes and Radlein in the backfield. Jason Maas needs to rebound from a terrible year last year, the receiving corps is still a question mark for them.
CALGARY- A lot of people have them challenging BC for first in the division, providing Henry Burris has a stellar year for them at QB. They have arguably the best receiving corps in the league and a good ground game to go with it. If they can put it all together , they are capable of running away and hiding from the rest of the division.

you're right this will be interesting tonight to see the revamped cats in cowtown and how they respond as a team when the bullets fly for real. i think they'll come out strong and surprise alot of people as the
marshall-led cats did in '04. they tried to get it done last year with an all-star team and didn't work
so lets see what happens when they field a team with an equal balance of "scorers" and "grinders" sorry
for the hockey analogy but everyone should get the point when you use hockey terms. what a great coach/qb
tandem to go to war with.just don't push the panic button too early if maas doesn't do what you want him to, he puts you in the best position to succeed this season.

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I can't wait for this game, just unfortunate that it starts at 10:00 PM tonight. Gonna be a late one.

I'm not expecting the Ticats to pull off the upset on the road, but I definitely hope they put up a fight. Another Esks/Bombers game would be nice. :slight_smile:

Have the Stamps plugged the holes on defence ? And can Maas take advantage of it if not ?

Are the Stamps really the offensive juggernaut they appear to be ?

This is probably the most anticipated game of the weekend and will give us a glimpse of what these two teams have to offer.

for your sake 05, good luck.

I just realized Im going to have to listen to Walby say "Shake and Bake" everytime somebody eludes a tackle... Yay!

White pants look better with the white top.

Hamilton's not doing too bad. They just got to knock off those penalties!

Yeah, aside from the stupid penalties, they seem to be doing all right. At least they were able to answer Calgary, even if it was only a FG.

Edit: LOL @ the rabbit running for the TD. Talk about random. :lol:

Last year, here in Regina, there was one that ran up and down the field about 4 times. Its on youtube somewhere as well somewhere

I'll have to search for that during halftime.

Not sure I agree with Hamilton settling for the FG. It was obviously the save thing to do, but I think I would have gambled and tried again for the TD. They were within the five.

Icouldnt fidn the rabbit thing anymore, weird. it was there tho

That 1st half of football was worse than watching paint dry.... hopefully the Cats can make the necessary adjustments in the 2nd

Yeah, I didn't think Hamilton gambled enough... Of course, I'm quarterbacking from my couch... :stuck_out_tongue:

And damn that was a nice pass to Rambo.

Hamilton's running game looks solid.

Maas isn't impressive, but i am not sure if
that is all his fault.

How is this QB, Chang?

Dare I say ?

. . . Pull Jason Maas.

OK, I know I said Hamilton needs to gamble more, but this is just a stupid challenge. :?

You have to challenge that when you are losing. Have to.

Hamilton should put Chang in while they still have time in the fourth. It's a blowout anyway.

CHANG! Making it happen! He’s got some moves by the looks of it and his arm isn’t half bad either.

I guess, but it just didn't look like a fumble to me.

The Cats are killing themselves with poor play calling, bad execution and dumb penalties, its painful to watch , and Im not even a Cats fan.